20 days estimated (25 days guaranteed) >
18 days on average


✓ Builds a STRONG site foundation
✓ 100% Manual WHITEHAT Link Building
✓ Takes 7-8 hours to do by hand

Phase 1: Listing Ranking Initiation
✓ Create a Google My Maps Entity and power your site
✓ Create additional Google My Maps Listings and STACK IT to increase trust flow
✓ Locate it in the same City/Suburb you want to rank in

Phase 2: Google Maps Stacking
✓ We Optimize the Google My Maps listing by using the following:
✓ Done For You - Geo-tagged Images
✓ If you have a YouTube Video you can give us, if not, we will find a Niche Relevant Video
✓ Create a 500-1000 word spun article
✓ Link out to your Website

Phase 3: Google Site Stacking
✓ Domain Authority Stacking - stack all properties together to supercharge✓ 3 Google Property Boosting: Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet, Google Slideshow
✓ Silo ALL links on the main hub - Google Site

Phase 4: Web 2.0 Entity Stacking
✓ Create 5 web 2.0s with Domain Authority Stacking
✓ Complete NINJA-STYLE interlinking between all web2.0 properties + Google Properties

Phase 5: Google Cloud Stacking - DA 68+
✓ Powerup the Google Site + your money site with a DA 68 Backlink
✓ Backlink is from Google Cloud! - Google’s own property
✓ This powers your money site + ALL THE OTHER ENTITIES WE CREATED

Phase 6: Amazon Backlink - DA 87+
✓ Get a backlink RIGHT FROM AMAZON
✓ Powerup your money site + Google Site => Powers EVERYTHING

Phase 7: OMG there is a Phase 7?!
✓ We send 10x TF25+ PBN links to the Google Site (the main hub) to power everything up
✓ We use PBNs for tier 2/3 links so your main money site is safe!
✓ No reports will be shown - to maintain security of the network

Phase 8: Powerup the Cloud + Amazon Links
✓ Send 5 High Tier PBN Links with TF 25+ to BOTH Amazon and Google Cloud Links
✓ This powers your site using complete WHITEHAT methods

This is a complete white-hat service! No risk of penalization! Get backlinks from 100 DA sites to supercharge your website




Q: What if I already have web 2.0s and google stacking?
A: That's fine! Firstly you can never have too many, and we will be creating a brand new entity with new structures so it will have a stronger effect

Q: Is this safe?
A: Yup! We are using web2.0s and google's own entities to rank. The PBNs that we use are used as tier 2/3 links, so there will be no footprints left on your site
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8 months ago
Bought high comp bonus and waited nearly 2 months for gig to be delivered yet no change to ranking organic and snack pack. Due to payment problems 3 orders went through instead of 1, seller promised refund for the other 2 then ignored my messages, had to do a paypal chargeback and took close to 2 months to get my money back. Got it when it was half price, thank god, I would not be happy if I paid full price for that. HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND Edit: I did contact them on their facebook page, their last message being "Can you please send me the third one? And yea it's not a problem, I'll go ahead and get that refunded for you". I then sent multiple messages, providing all the info and asking for an update and got no reply. Prior to gig was 3rd place on second page of maps, post gig same position. PBN or 2 would have been cheaper and more powerful. Live and learn I suppose, thought this gig could have been an amazing white-hat trick, my bad
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8 months ago
Hey man, we don't get the messages here on konker - we provide a full on support on our facebook page - should have messaged us there if you had any problems

The entire gig is broken down in the gig, and your site wasnt even ranked to begin with, so you cant expect to take some magic pill and randomly appear on the first page

If you need SEO help, you can always contact us - or I can recommend you a few good SEO courses
Best of luck in your business!
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8 months ago
Very interesting gig. It would have taken me at least 1 full day to create all of this. Will order more real soon.
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10 months ago
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12 months ago
Hello Great job once again
Thumb chris ceo direction marketing llc
about 1 year ago
Awesome service, excellent communication, delivered fast, I'm so happy! Thank you!
Thumb chris ceo direction marketing llc
about 1 year ago
Excellent job! Perfectly executed, you're awesome! Thanks again!
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about 1 year ago
Great service. Always delivered on time. Highly recommended.
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over 1 year ago
It all looks great and was done well before due date.
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over 1 year ago
Awesome work!
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over 1 year ago
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