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What is a Google Penguin Penalty?

The Google Penguin Filter is triggered when your inbound link profile looks artificial. This can happen by accident, but usually it happens when you have been building links by using PBNs, Guest Blogging, Web 2.0 links, Directory Listings etc. Google punishes your site by dropping your rankings for all the keywords that normally make you money. The effect of a Google Penguin penalty is, almost always, devastating. 

The Google Penguin Penalty first struck in April 2012. Google Penguin ruined thousands of businesses, split families up and even caused suicides across The World. The Google Penguin Filter is triggered when your inbound link profile looks artificial. This can happen by accident, but usually it happens when you have been building links by using PBNs, Guest Blogging, Web 2.0 links, Directory Listings etc.

It isn't one or two really bad links that threaten your site, it is when your overall link profile looks wrong compared to everybody else who is ranking on the first page of Google.

The difference between Google Penguin and a Manual Action

A Google Penguin Penalty will cause your site to lose rankings and traffic with no warnings. A Manual Action can be seen in your Google Webmaster Search Console. In this case a human reviewer has seen your link profile and decided that your site violates Google Webmaster Guidelines. If you have a Manual Action your website will not rank properly ever again until this manual penalty is removed. Either way you need to clean up your link profile.

How can you prevent a Google Penguin Penalty?

It is far, far, far easier to prevent a Google Penguin Penalty than cure one. However, if you are already in penalty, this service is your first step to recovery. To prevent a Google Penalty you need to:

  • Find as many backlinks as possible that your site has (I use 24 different sources to find them)
  • Analyse all backlinks and calculate the overall risk (Domain-wide Link Detox Risk) of your site. 
  • If your domain is average or below no further action is needed. If your Domain-wide Link Detox Risk is above average or higher, you need to lose some of the riskier links
  • Next you need to identify all the bad links that could harm your site
  • Prepare a Google Disavow File to exclude the harmful links from your link profile and upload it to Google Search Console
  • Relax in the knowledge that your site is now safe from a Google Penguin Penalty

This is a lot of work and it needs to be done correctly, it is quite easy to accidentely disavow good links or miss the real harmful ones. If you are not 100% sure that you can do this yourself, trust in Rick Lomas, a Certified Link Research Tools Xpert to get the job done correctly.

What you get with this service

  • A disavow file to upload to the Google Disavow Links Tool. This will keep your site safe
  • An Excel spreadsheet showing full details about all your backlinks and any problems they may be causing
  • A PDF with charts showing different aspects of your Link Profile
  • A report containing explanations and suggestions for ways to improve your rankings. This is written by Rick Lomas, a Certified Link Research Tools Xpert 

Make your Disavow File Work Faster

For fastest results you need to make sure that Google crawls (when possible) all the links in your Disavow File. To do this I use Link Detox Boost, which forces Googlebot to crawl these links. This is recommended and can be purchased as an extra. A Link Detox Boost report will be supplied showing the 'Last Google Crawl Date'.

Please Note

This service is for sites that have less than 500 referring root domains. In reality this is about 95% of the sites that I work on. If your site has an exceptionally large amount of root referring domains I will advise you about your options before commencing work.

This service is designed for sites in English only. This is because I have to classify all the anchor text into 'brand', 'compound', 'money' and other keywords. If these keywords are in a language that I don't understand too well it will take longer to do this. If your site is not in English, please purchase the foreign language extra.

NOTE: I normally sell this service on my own site for $880 (including Link Detox Boost) - this is a very special offer for SourceMarket members only!

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4 months ago
Very helpful information beyond what you might expect - I feel like I am back on the right track with my SEO efforts!
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5 months ago
Fantastic Job
Thumb search engine optimization
5 months ago
Excellent service...again! Rick is the only CERTIFIED professional I trust to detox your site at such a reasonably low price. I recommend every website do this at least once a year...just to be safe.
Thumb wikipedia wikipedia
6 months ago
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6 months ago
Excellent service, communication, and turn around. Will definitely be using again in the future and will recommend to others as well. Thanks Rick!
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6 months ago
Very very good service, 100% satisfied. Rick Lomas is a real professional, he provided much more than promised
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7 months ago
I can't say enough about this project. It is well worth your $75 to get all the detail he provides. He sent me over 8 files including detox info, disavow file, a written document with suggestions and then even made a 13 min. long video, JUST FOR ME, showing me the possible problems and explanations of what to do going forward. This guy (Rick) wants your trust. He even gives his skype, email, and phone number in the report. This gig is OVER THE TOP! If you have any questions about what may be possibly going on or hurting your site, this is your answer! Thank you and hope to stay in contact!
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8 months ago
Awesome work and what an eye opener. I learned a ton about what my link profile truly was. Man, it was worth the price!
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8 months ago
I am so grateful to have discovered Rick and his services a couple of years ago. He not only delivers the disavow file as promised, he shares his insights in what he sees is happening and, when appropriate, other things that you might want to consider/look at to improve rankings further. Thank you for your great work once again. I'll have another one for you in the next week or so!
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9 months ago
Great gif from Rick. The reports he provides are first class.
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