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Online marketing has become a crucial part in promoting businesses online. Whether you own a small company or a giant corporation, without an effective online marketing strategy, surviving in the online industry can be a bit difficult. Of all online marketing systems, video marketing has recently become the new buzz in town. Adding videos to small business profiles have shown more than 100% increase in profile views, and up to 30% increase in profile clicks. More and more small businesses are discovering the benefits and power of online video marketing. Let’s take a look at several benefits of online video marketing that will help your business.

Videos Add “Wow” Factor

Needless to say, when you add video content on your website or social networking pages, you attract more viewers. People are more inclined to watch the features of products in their functional form, than reading about them. Showing potential customers videos means they’re likely to enjoy it and share it with more people in their circle.

According to video stats, 52% of customers have agreed to the fact that watching product videos makes them more confident in making online purchase decisions.

In short, videos are eye-catching, effective and add punch to your marketing efforts without demanding a large investment. Videos stimulate your potential customers in a way that is not possible with text content.

Videos Set You Apart From Your Competition

Video marketing is indeed a cost-effective and easier than other marketing methods. Incorporating videos in your website and marketing strategies can make your business stand apart from other competitors in the market. More than 76% of marketers plan to add videos on their website, making it a higher priority than blog integration, Facebook and Twitter. Are you adding video to your website? If not we’re here to help.

Videos Give A Face To Your Brand

As a human being, you will always prefer to do business with someone whom you can like and trust. The same goes with online shoppers too. Videos help prospective customers know you and your company better. Once they start trusting your words and recognizing your brand, they’ll automatically engage with your business.

Videos Convey Complex Information More Clearly

Why try explaining all the features of your business when you can just show potential buyers through an engaging video? Simple as that.

Videos Can Go Viral

92% of mobile video viewers prefer sharing videos with others on the go.

More than 100 million unique users visit YouTube each month, spending over 4 billion hours watching videos.

99% of video viewers are likely to share your videos if they are buzzworthy. Sharing leads to increased exposure, and encourage over 100% increase in the viewership. It is indeed the best way to reach lots of potential customers in one go.

These are just a few reasons to add high quality videos to your website and we have exactly what you need. Adding video to your website or marketing plans can make you stand apart from the competition.


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Niches include: Accounting, Advertising, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Marketing, Photography, Real Estate, Child Care, CPA, House Staging, Massage Therapy, Mortgage Brokers, Pest Control, Social Media, Travel Agent.

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