Absolutely Solid Tiered Link Building for PBNs. Original Content.

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Yep, PBN's are awesome and get results. They can make you and your clients an absolute fortune and I won't pretend that you don't need them. Of course you do. I know that and so do you. 

(If you need PBNs set up first, I recommend Gregory Ortiz http://market.source-wave.com/services/35-buy-pbn-domains-directly-from-gregory-ortiz-special-source...

But if you're building PBN's, and you're anchoring ALL your money keywords on "awesome sites", Google will sniff you out and destroy you. Obviously.

The solution?

As Alex Becker said himself in a webinar I was on, use PBNs for targeting your best keywords, and dilute the anchor % ratio with lower cost links....and make sure they get indexed and count!

But the problem usually comes down to 1 of either 2 things. 

You know how to build the links but don't have the time (you have PBN's to look after), or you're struggling to find someone that you can trust not to spam your site.

I Can Help

For this service I will;

1. Create 1 original article (written by one of my team members) and spin it using SpinRewriter. I will then manually go through the article and make small edits to make sure it's as readable as possible. 

2. Create 7 to 10 Web 2.0 on mainly "do-follow" sites. (some no-follow to keep things looking legit). I buy these accounts from a reliable provider. The properties have a very high stick rate.

3. Post a spun version of the article on each property. Anchor back to your money site at 20-30% exact match. The remaining anchors will be a mix naked URLs, generic anchors and LSI. All natural looking of course!

4. Wait 3 days, clean out dead tier links. Submit all live links to ExpressIndexer.

4. Generate 10 articles for tier 2, and 10 articles for tier 3. I use SCM for this process, and spin each article to around 70%+ uniqueness.

5. Run tier 2 GSA SER contextual, do follow links. I have a custom list of link targets uploaded to the software. This usually brings good results even without PBNs. Around 100 verified links

6. Run tier 3 GSA SER contextual, do follow links. This tier includes some wikis and blog comments. Around 100 verified links.

7. Clean all dead links from every tier. Submit tier 2 and 3 to ExpressIndexer.

8. Provide you with an Excel report of backlinks created. This includes % keyword ratio, anchors used IP addresses. All URLs. Completely presentable for clients and can be white-labeled for your clients if you wish.

Can this be used without PBNs?

Yes. This exact service is sold on another popular and established marketplace. I have thousands of testimonials (you can search my username and the marketplace to verify this) and this alone often pushes people to the front page. (Obviously tough keywords need more than just this service though)

Is it safe?

Absolutely. I sell between 5 and 10 of these packages every day. Some of my super-affiliate/"go mental on CPA offers" guys, literally run only this service and get consistently good results.

Do you have feedback?

As mentioned above, I have thousands of positive reviews on another popular marketplace. Here are a handful for your interest.

What Now?

Click order and follow the instructions that will be presented to you once the order has been placed.

...and that's it!

If you have any questions, please get in touch via the Facebook group or here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

So, all the way from sunny Thailand...

I'd like to say thanks for reading and I look forward to serving the community.

Place your order (with confidence) today and I'll start. Today.

Best regards


p.s. This service is currently offered at a discount price and includes original content. Over on the "other" marketplace, this is more expensive and does not include original content. If you order today, I will lock you into this price and work in the original content for every future order.

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Online marketer living in Thailand. Known by the alias BarryinSiam. I have a team of SEOs and run a successful freelancer profile on another platform. I own all the industry leading tools and software, and work closely with some big names in the industry. I'm also a dog lover and goal getter!