Setup Google Analytics with Advanced Features

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I will create some ninja advanced implementation of Google Analytics on any website,
Ideally, we'll need to have a Skype session to understand your web analytics / tracking needs and business goals with website.
I can do this for you, and/or your clients as 'you' (effectively, 'white label')

Then these things will happen:
1- Visibility of visitors' trends
2- Visibility of visitors' location, browser type, device type - even gender, age group and Google interest group
3- Full understanding of which traffic sources are working better for you/your customer
4- Full understanding of which traffic source is leading irrelevant traffic to your website (big issue - I see this a lot)
5- Visibility of which keywords your visitors are using on search engines
and critically...
6- Full understanding of how many of your visitors take an action you want them to do with some behavioral feedback
(eg downloading ebook, subscribing your newsletter, seeing a key page on your website, spending more than 10 minutes on your website etc.)

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

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I’m a 11 year experienced Digital Marketer and Web Analyst. I believe that the Internet can be used to create the perfect solution for any business objective. I am passionate about creating & executing revenue-driven online marketing solutions with my web analytics skills.

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