2 Tier GSA SER Blast Campaign

5 days estimated (10 days guaranteed) >
5 days on average

Tier 1 - 1.000 contextual backlinks with content related to your Keywords
Tier 2 - 10.000 diverse gsa backlinks blast

✔ Unlimited urls and keywords
✔ 80% do follow links in Tier 1
✔ 50% do follow links in Tier 2
✔ no wikis used in T1
✔ 90% unique domains
✔ you set % of generic and domain as anchor
✔ target list updated weekly
✔ linkprocessor indexing included
✔ 14-18 days indexer dripfeeding for all orders
✔ full CSV report when finished

What does Tier 1 contains?
Tier 1 will contain 1.000 contextual backlinks, each one having a 400-600 words spunned article that will be related to your keyword.

What does Tier 2 contains?
Tier 2 will contain 10.000 diverse backlinks from over 100+ gsa ser platforms. Those will link to the backlinks I create in Tier 1.

Where can I use your service?
You can safely use our service directly with your website, tier 1 backlinks, web 2.0s, parasites, youtube videos, facebook page, yelp page, url shorteners, amazon store. Almost anywhere you want.

Is this service Google friendly?
Absolutelly. we use Linkprocessor indexing service that dripfeeds the backlinks slowly to search engines during 14-18 days so it will look like natural link building.

Can I customize my order?
Yes. You can set your own % of generic anchors and domain as anchor so it can best apply your strategies.
We dont accept requests like custom platforms, PR filtering, domain filtering etc.

Can I really have unlimited urls and keywords?
Yes. But remember that all your urls will be mixed with all your keywords. Don't even think about asking us to split 1 order to ”more” orders....!

How often do you update your GSA list?
Link lists are updated weekly. A second server scrapes 24/7. We don't buy linklists because those are oversold and get shared on forums becoming useless.

Do you accept adult, gambling or pharmacy orders?
No way!

Do you have bigger packages?
Yes. Check extras.

Do you accept non-english websites and keywords?
Yes. But I will only use english content.

What is your delivery time?
5 days Guaranteed. I will do my best to deliver all orders in 3-4 days. The slowly Dripfeeding of the backlinks will still continue after ”delivery”. We want them to look natural....

What is your refund policy?
We offer refunds only in the case we make a mistake.

Have this ready before You order:
One Main Keyword for the content (in english)
Urls (must start with http or https)
Keywords (each keyword in seperate lines)
Generic anchors%
Domain as anchor%
A Custom article to be used (optimal)
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Refund Rate

Sorry! - No refund. We will offer a refund only in the case we make a mistake. Try the smallest order first if You would like to test us.

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