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What is this all about

When we first started, We assumed that all the buyers of our keyword research service knew what they had to do once they obtained the keywords from us. We were wrong, dead wrong. Requests started pouring in from clients asking us to guide them on what to do next. Some had used the keywords and got articles written around them from others. But the articles were over optimized for those keywords and therefore penalized by google as spam. Consequently, many of our clients witnessed a drop in the ranking of their websites.

This made us sad, really sad as we had started doing this to help Business owners who cannot afford to hire big SEO agencies to rank their websites. No one has $1100 to shell out every month to have get website on the first page on google.

Our solution

After we had received quite a few requests for help, we teamed up with one of our friends who has lot of experience in ranking websites. We planned a service which could solve one of the main problem’s business owners face - link building. Then we pitched it to some of our most regular clients at a no profit price because we did want to charge a higher price without any concrete results. But, as expected, our method worked wonders !!

The picture above shows the stats for the websites of some of our clients. Amazing results, right? You may be wondering what exactly will we be doing because that is what matters. So here it is - you will be getting 40, 300-400 word blog posts on high domain authority and high pagerank blogs. The content will be spun using WordAI, the most advanced cloud based technology when it comes to content and manually reviewed by native English speakers. We will plan the keyword strategy for you myself so that you don't have to spend hours online figuring out how to use keywords in a SEO properly. Have a look at the Image below to know more about the features.

The Features

We hope you have gone through all the features stated in the picture above. Although, you might not know the importance of these, We had to state these. Let us explain the meaning of some of them in layman’s language.

100% rapid indexing – Indexing is google or any search engine for that matter recognize a new link created between two sites. If it does not index a link then you won't benefit from that link. So, having links to your website is not enough. Having them indexed is important too. We will make sure that your link gets indexed by google as soon as possible so that you get fast results.

Only PR 2 blogs – The blogs used by us are all owned by us and are a part of PBN ( private blog network ). Creating a powerful PBN costs more than a thousand dollars but more on that later. The blogs will be highly powerful and will have high PR( Page rank ) and DA ( domain authority ), the two most important metrics used in determining the authority of a blog.

Home page OBL of 10-15 – OBL means outbound links. If the number of outbound links from the homepage of a website is more than 25-30, then the websites getting those links can be penalized for receiving back links from spammy and low quality websites. Buy any back link service from others, you will see that the number of OBL on the homepage of websites used by the sellers is way more than that. The reason you don’t see a drop in your rankings is that google takes some time to index links, but once it does, it penalizes your website silently in the background.

Do Follow permanent links –  there are two type of links on the internet – Do Follow and No Follow.

No Follow, as the name suggests, tell google not to follow the link therefore if you have a No Follow link, google is probably not giving it much value. Whereas Do Follow links are the ones that matter. A website with 5 Do Follow links can outrank a website with a 100 No Follow links.

Mandated drip feed – all the articles that will be posted will be posted at carefully planned interval. Doing so ensures that your website gains links gradually which looks more natural to google.

The price

Price - $275

TAT - The work will done over  a span of 1 month.

This service involves extensive keyword research for your website at no cost for you if you don’t have any keywords. Moreover, complete site audit will done to ensure that your website is free of any major seo problems. I will be advising you about any changes that need to be made on your website and in its content for better and faster ranking.

You might think that you can outsource all of this from other providers itself for a better price but let run some calculations for you. If you decide to get 40 articles from other providers, it will cost you $40*5 = $200, then if you want it posted on high domain authority websites, you will have to build a PBN which costs thousands of dollars. So in total, it would cost you $2000. And we are not even taking into account that all this does not involve proper keyword strategy, seo advice, and excellent customer support from me and my team

If you want to ask any question regarding this please feel free to message us!!

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Remember that the process takes about a month to be completed.

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