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Top Quality PBN Builds by SERPaNation

I am not a fan of super-long sales copies. I don't think you have time to read that as well.

Here is what you get with our HEAVILY discounted service - this offer will NOT last long - our prices will be increased as soon as we get some traction.

So this is what you will get for a measly $19:

1.Beautifully built PBN websites (Based on Wordpress)

2.Premium paid plugins and premium themes ONLY. We have paid access to non-nulled paid themes which we deploy on your PBN builds.A lot of PBN builders make the mistake of using nulled themes from the internet, we DO NOT!

3.2x500words handwritten unique articles from our in-house team of writers - PLUS scraped UNIQUE content from content will be used liberally if available.

4.We follow PBN building steps laid out by Daryl Rosser's Scientific Ranking - We just DO NOT build low-quality PBNs

5.Randomised banners and advertisements on sidebars

6.Posts and pages will be laid out with Youtube videos and high-quality stock images

7.Fake persona created

    Top 5 topically relevant URLs will be rebuilt using Majestic's domain data.This is possible ONLY if your domain has usable URLs.

You probably figured out that this is not a run-of-the-mill PBN building service.We give a lot of importance to QUALITY over everything else.

What makes this even better?
We are a small team who has their own office infrastructure.How does this affect you? Your sensitive data is NOT thrown around as NONE of the processes involved is outsourced. 

If you are one of the first to check this offer, you are making a mistake if you do not end up smashing that BUY button! Please feel free to contact us for samples!

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