Get 20,000 High Quality GSA Backlinks [LOW OBL*SPAM-WORD FILTER*DRIP-FEED]

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Get the massive GSA SER BLAST that will create 20k+ (20,000+) high quality verified backlinks for your YouTube video, Website, Facebook page, Web 2.0, Blog, Amazon product page, tier2, tier3...etc.

This service provides massive link juice without losing the quality, because we use Spam-Word filter that filters out any page having bad words (like- porn, cam, ass, pharma etc) in it's url along with OBL filter (<100). We also use drip-feed option so Search Engines find new links gradually. Most of the sellers are not using these quality parameters BUT WE DO.

We successfully used this service to rank hundreds of websites, YouTube videos, Facebook pages in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Features of the Gig;

  • Guaranteed 20k+ Verified Backlinks
  • Spam-Word Protection (IMPORTANT) see the below image
  • Low OBL (<100) - Better Link Juice
  • Uses Selected High Quality Platforms (see below)
  • Faster Indexing - Submission to Paid Indexing Included
  • Good mix of Do-follow - NoFollow
  • Uses LSI Keywords (only if you request)
  • Thousands of Contextual Links (from Articles, Wiki Sites and Forum Profiles)
  • Drip-Feed up to 30 Days (through Indexing service)
  • Unlimited URLs/ Keywords Accepted (same niche)
  • Huge Diversity with Authority Engines
  • Always Over Deliver
  • Usually Delivered within 2 to 3 Days
  • Full Report upon Order Completion
  • Fast Support
  • A service from a trusted level 4 seller

Unique Feature of this Service;

A unique thing about this service is that it uses quality platforms only.
Platforms used- Article, Wiki sites, Web Directory, Blog Comment, Image Comment, Guestbook Comment, Forum Profiles, Microblogs, Social Networks, and Social Bookmarks.

The difference between our competitors and our service is that our service provides you more then 25% links from pure contextual article platforms:)


*No adult websites/ pages/ videos please.
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Over delivered thank you. Happy with your service.
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Nice job just started seeing the backlinks. Thanks
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Thank you
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