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Small high quality done for you content
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Small high quality done for you content
Small full agency in motion logocapture

Look, making content for your SEO site is a pain.

A big pain.

Between setting up PBN networks, analyzing competition, dealing with clients (and having time to get more clients or setting up more affiliate sites for that matter), you got a lot of plates in the air you're juggling.

So let's cut to the chase and give you a shortcut to high quality content for your websites.

No need to buy poorly put together articles on fiverr, or having to find an outsourced writer that is actually worth their salt and can write an article that is not only written with SEO in mind but also an article that people WANT to read.

I've been down all these rabbit holes before.

The worst is when you find a writer who is decent and you give them a ton of articles, hand them a golden platter of work, and then they just up and disappear.

So why am I different?

- I am an SEO myself, just like you

- I've ranked things on Google using my content

- My content has led to the sales of thousands of dollars worth of products and services. 

Now the next question is... why am I selling this service for so cheap?

Simple answer: I'm coming back into SEO and I'm creating a budget for my PBN and other projects I am working on using the income generated from this gig.

That means you have a limited time to get me at this price to write for your money websites, your PBN or whatever project you are working on. And hey, it feels good helping a fellow budding entrepreneur right? =)

Let's lock arms and make it happen! 

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I have a 100% refund policy if for whatever reason you decide you do not like the article I wrote for you. No need to leave a bad review, I am willing to work with you to help make sure you have the best possible experience with my content. Talk soon! -Gregory

My name is MIRIMUFFIN, I'm an android Developer and do the SEO work in my spare time. So please feel free to message me before ordering the service. I will surely reply to all your queries.