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SocioCaster is a social media management web application that allows you to find top viral content from multiple sources to boost your social media engagement, create amazing images with its revolutionary visual designer, manage unlimited Facebook fanpages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn accounts easily from all in one dashboard.

SocioCaster is a web-based software, which means you don’t have to download and install any software.​

Socio caster will benefit the latest SEO strategy, especially for content marketing research and provide you with hyper engagement in social media, so you can get many social signals that improve rankings

> TOP Viral Content Discovery
Finding & sharing viral content have never been easier.
This feature will bring hyper social media engagement to your marketing arsenal.
Never run out of HIGH QUALITY content for your social campaign anymore. Reduce the stress and hours spent hunting for quality content – we’ll do that part for you.
Find the most Viral Content from popular Facebook Fanpages in various popular areas: Quotes, Photos, News, Tech & Biz.
Easily create your own category and find popular Fanpages in any niches using keyword.
Spy and find the most engaging content post from your competitors.
> Top Viral Videos from Any Country & Language
Now you can gain unfair advantage using Sociocaster Top Viral Video Finder and Poster. It’s divided into 17 popular groups and you can post it to the biggest social media out there like Facebook (fanpage, profile, groups), Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can do research to see what title, description, and type of videos that get shared the most in your country and language. Taking these important data in your video marketing will result on high-quality video creation that meets your audience needs.

If you have data on what tweet, what topic, that can go viral on twitter, will it help you make money from it? Of course, it helps!! You can spy, copy and modify the way popular people get huge traction by analyzing how they do it. Sociocaster makes it much easier to find top viral content on twitter so you can use it to your advantage!
> Discover Facebook Fanpage by Keyword
Finding relevant and similar fanpage within your industry is super easy. Simply type in related keyword or your industry terms, and then a bunch of high quality fanpages will appear – sort it by count of likes or talking about. You can then use these fanpages content as the source of inspiration for your own social media campaign.
If you have data on what fanpage that is popular in your niche, will it help you make money on facebook? Of course, it helps! You can spy, copy and modify the way they post on facebook, what content they give to the audience, how many times they post in a day. No need to ask the expert the way to market in facebook, you just need to carefully analyzing the best brand or business in your niche and you copy what they do. It’s much much better than using facebook search.
> Discover Viral Videos from Youtube by Keyword
Posting relevant and high-quality videos on your social media accounts are a great way to improve social engagement with your target audience. You can easily discover videos from Youtube by using a keyword, and then filter those videos by views, likes, dislikes & comments to get highly engaging videos.
So how do we make money on youtube? With Sociocaster, you can find top viral content on youtube that gives you unlimited ideas about what video to make, what title that interests the most to people, what thumbnail that invites crazy clicks etc.
> Discover Royalty-Free Pictures from Flickr by Keyword
A picture is worth a thousand words. This is why all top bloggers and social media managers utilize images to grab attention and effectively convey their message. How to find good royalty free images? What is the best place to find royalty free images? The answer is Flickr..
Flickr is the heaven for top quality shared pictures. With Sociocaster you can have access to thousands of royalty free (creative commons) pictures for your social media campaign needs. Saving you time and money from getting the best pictures in a difficult way, moreover expensively.

By using socio caster, you can find what pictures & videos also what type of statuses that get shared, so you can insert those contents to your usual content and also implement the click-bait title to your content title.

You can also insert your own websites on the viral pictures, videos, & statuses so your websites get shared wildly like those popular websites, such as buzzfeed, viral nova, upworthy etc.

Sociocaster helps to create cheaper fb ads that helps your social promotion more effective

Social Stream
Easily read lots of feeds from one screen that helps you quickly scan and find interesting content. Some ideas you can do with social stream :

  • Spy on your competitor’s social media activities.
  • Read the latest news from popular sites
  • And so much more…

> Powerful Visual Designer
Visual designer is an easy online image editor powered with tons of icons, doodles, marketing graphics, buttons, and hundreds of high-quality free image stocks. Once you’re done with your design, you can save it to your local computer, share it directly to your social media accounts, or save it for future use.
Our visual designer is so powerful yet so easy to operate. Fyi this part is brand new and still on early stage. If you want to find out how powerful this feature is you better go get it now. We will make it so much better in the future, so you don’t need pricey photoshop to edit images for your social campaign needs.
> Easy Browser Bookmarklet
Easily add any external resources (pictures, URLs, or any status messages) from anywhere on the internet using browser bookmarklet. You can save and organize any picture, URLs, or any status messages right inside the Sociocaster dashboard and use it for future reference.
With Sociocaster’s bookmarklet you can empower your creative ideas, make your life easier and more organized and never forget on important and amazing ideas forever…
> Post to Multiple Top Social Media Accounts
Easily post/schedule any text status, image or link directly to single or multiple social accounts (Facebook fanpage/profile/group you create, Twitter, LinkedIn company page/profile) at once.
You don’t need to log in to those many accounts, you can just manage ALL of them via single dashboard that Sociocaster has. Saving you huge time and money!
You have different social media accounts with different positioning? No worries, Sociocaster will help you pick the best content for each social media account that makes you like having hundreds of brains to churn amazing content for all of your social media accounts.
> Advanced Link Share Customization for Facebook
Rather than letting Facebook control how your post looks, with Sociocaster you have complete freedom to customize the picture, link name, description & link caption. Get crazy click through rate with the best click bait you can make with this feature.
You customize any words for your posts, customize how the description and link caption appear.
> Import & Schedule Bulk Content from an Excel File
Do you want to post in bulk? Or want to set up content for weeks or even months? You can do it with Sociocaster, no more posting one by one, you want to be free from those tedious work, right? Doing things like the old way is so boring, you messed your brain up to find great content, then you post it one by one, each and every day. How boring is that? With this feature, you can spend several minutes to prepare your content and then set it up to go for several weeks or even months.
> Read Number of Likes, Comments, Retweets & Favorites
Sociocaster panel makes your life easier, you don’t need to login to your social media accounts to check how many engagement you get, just look them inside Sociocaster slick panel.
If you have so many fanpages/profiles/groups, twitter accounts, linkedin accounts; what do you prefer, spending your precious time to check those accounts one by one or using Sociocaster and check all the engagement in one dashboard? Time is never turning back, do yourself a favor, save huge time and money with Sociocaster…

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