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Are you looking for an effective way to power up your Tier1/Tier2 backlinks?
Look no further Xrumer Profiles are still working well in 2015.
Don't believe all the myths and b*llshit spread by the so called seo experts,
rather test .
Xrumer Profiles will help a lot to get your site ranked higher, if you use them the right way.

What is the best way to use these links?
- Powering up High PR Web2 Profiles with Xrumer Profiles (we suggest 100-500 Xrumer profiles to each High Profile)
- Powering up Authority (high DA and PR) Web2 sites
- Powering up your contextual links made with GSA SER or other software (very good results, we suggest maximum 100 profiles to each contextual backlink)
- Powering up your Tier2 Cheap PBN links (maximum 100 profiles to each contextual backlink)

Why do these links work so well as tier2/tier3 links?
- Most people believe the so called seo blogs, so lately not a lot of people are using Xrumer Profiles, so the sites where we create backlinks have more power (the sites are not wh*red out)
- We scrape 24/7 for new sites, so the sites we are creating profiles on aren't spammed usually.
- We refresh our lists a few times a week, so these sites are a lot more powerful and index a lot better than your usual Xrumer service.

20.000 Profiles $20
50.000 Profiles $40
100.000 Profiles $70
200.000 Profiles $100

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We complete orders usually in 2-3 days, but if we won't be able to deliver within 5 days, I will refund your order and still create the Xrumer Profiles for you.

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