High Quality Complete PBN Setup in 24 hours - domain + hosting included.

SEO/PBN Creation
8 days estimated (13 days guaranteed) >
7 days on average


+ 1 year hosting included (multiple hosting providers available for bulk orders).

+ We strive for industry-specific domains for you depending on the volume you order. No guarantee but we're normally great at finding you the best match.

Devon Bate & Adam Bate


Hey everyone! We're Devon and Adam. Brothers and co-owners of Cognatio Media, a small boutique SEO agency based in Ontario, Canada. With a staff of six people, we split our time between client consulting and in-house opportunities (affiliate, lead gen, etc.).

We've used PBNs in one form or another since 2011 after we stumbled upon GoDaddy closeout domains and realized this was going to be the next huge thing for SEO. Four years later we're still using PBNs for all our client and in-house work. The reason is simple - they just work.

Although they work extremely well, for the long-term success of using PBNs you really need to do it right. We've built well over 2000 PBNs in the past 4 years and have optimized our approach. We are now bringing this service to the Source wave market only at a fraction of the price we charge our clients.

What We Offer:

High quality PBN domain

  • DA: 12+, PA: 15+, TF: 10+, CF: 12+
  • aHrefs/Majestic/Moz checked for spam
  • Archive.org checked
  • Industry-relevant (strived for but not guaranteed)
High quality hosting (1 year included)
  • Fast hosting optimized for Google Page Speed
  • Multiple hosting providers available for bulk orders
  • CloudFlare accounts available upon request

Our high quality PBN Setup

  • WordPress setup with custom images, logos, social signals,and different themes and plugins.
  • No two setups are the same. Sometimes we will build the site to look like a business website, other times to look like a personal blog, etc. it really depends on your industry and the domain name history.
  • Built to pass a manual review.
  • Block competitive link checkers and remove potential plugin footprints.
  • Onsite optimization included based on keyword / industry you provide.
High quality content

Each PBN gets all the common pages - about, contact, privacy policy, and can be customized depending on your industry.

We provide 3 high quality unique blog posts for each PBN:

  • 1 full-length information-based blog post with supporting graphics (Written in-house. No outsourced or spun garbage)
  • 1 rich media post with commentary (YouTube video or Infographic)
  • 1 recent news reference from your industry with commentary

Source Wave Specials!

  • 1 verified Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail account with same persona as your website
  • 1 customized Twitter account with the same info as your website
  • 1 SocialAdr or Syndwire social blast.

What do some of our PBNs look like?

Here's just one example of a personal blog style PBN

Custom logo, custom persona based on the domain name and industry, high quality content, social sharing, and lots of extras.

What is the process like?

It's easy.

1. You place your order and let us know as much info as you would like - industry, potential keywords, etc.
2. We choose the domain, complete our spam and metric checks and build the site custom for you.
3. We deliver your login details for your hosting, website, and all the bonuses within 24 hours.
4. We will push the domain name when it's available to your registrar account.

Index guarantee or we replace your site

We're confident your website will be indexed quickly - especially if you receive our social media blast. However, if the website is not indexed within 3 weeks for whatever reason we will refund your order or replace it, whichever you prefer.

Save your time and money for better things

We've been building PBNs for a living for the past 4 years. Let us handle this so that you can focus on ranking your websites without blowing your bank account. What are you saving on?

+ Finding the PBN domain with good metrics and spam free (1-2 hours)
+ Registering the domain name ($50+)
+ Hosting the domain ($30-60 per year)
+ High quality content ($20+)
+ Website Setup ($25+)

There's a lot of time and/or money that one can invest into creating just 1 PBN website. Let us help you reduce both of those and get your website up and running within the next 24 hours.

How can we offer such great pricing?

We run a small SEO agency with a staff of six. We build PBNs much of the day for our consulting clients and other agencies. We normally charge double or triple this price - at least - but are offering this great price for Source Wave Market members only.

Refund policy and money back guarantee

If you're not satisfied for any reason within the first 30 days we will buy the website back from you for what you paid for it. While we strive for industry relevant domains, we cannot guarantee this.

Customer service and support

Feel free to message any time throughout your order process to provide more information or ask questions. You will receive a support email for support inquiries and any questions after your website has been delivered.

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Always on time! Always quality service! And always 5 stars - Thank You
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