250 High PR Contextual Backlinks From PR1- PR6 Blog posts

3 days estimated (8 days guaranteed) >
2 days on average

We offer You up to 800 high PR backlinks from domains with

Pagerank (PR) 1 to 6.

  • Hundreds of Class A, B, C IP's
  • Up to 3 Links pr. post
  • Unlimited Keywords and Url's
  • English Based Network

These are high PR contextual backlinks which is what that works best right now. Search engines will love your site with these links built to them. Each link will be inserted along with niche related and unique content around them so your backlink profile will look more natural to Google and other search engines.

We offer these high PR backlinks from a private blog network with over a thousand blogs in the system. The network is still fresh and ranking sites still, it is not de-indexed or targeted by google or any other search engines (yet). The links span from all domain TLDs .com .net .org .info .biz and many more hosted on hundreds of different Ips. Blogs are owned by dozens of webmasters hence making it the ultimate diversified blog network with no footprints left to be traced. All backlinks are do-follow thus passing mega link juice for you.

This what we offer:
You will get blogposts from high PR and authority blogs from our private blog network. We will write unique high quality content and use the current best technique to spin the article to look as readable and natural as possible on each blogpost. The result ? High quality backlinks from high PR blogs all pointing to your website thus giving you a great boost in your SERPS and rankings!
We have been building these links for years now and our links have stick through ALL of the G updates and still going strong. These links are the ones that Google loves and we offer it to you at the lowest price you could ever find on the market for this quality.
With our links you can save time and money. You don’t need to crack your head to buy high PR blogs and then on hosting the blogs as we have already done so for you. Just concentrate on building more websites, ranking them and banking more $$$. Let us do all the dirty work and save yourself hours and thousands of dollars , instead sit back and watch your rankings get boosted today with our service.
We offer limited spots for this every week, so don’t hesitate and order a package of quality links right now before we sell out !

We have four packages for you to choose from 250 posts all the way to 800 posts on our order form.


Can I order these for a new website?
Absolutely! However we do recommend that you select a longer dripping period so that links are spread out better for a new website to avoid unnatural links penalty

How long time is the dripping periode you offer?
5-30 days

What works with these links?
Almost anything works with them. We recommend that you point them to your tier 2s for best results (web 2.0s, articles, blogs sites, youtube etc)

Are these subdomain or web 2.0 backlinks?
NO, these are high PR links posted on the homepage of english privately owned blogs. They are part of the root domain.

What Type of Content Is Used?
We use multiple articles combined and spinned for maximum index rates.

Is adult, gambling or pharma sites allowed?

Are Foreign Keywords Acceptable?
Yes. Articles in the blogpost will be a English translation of your keywords.

Can these Links be Used on money sites?
Yes, but it is not recommended.

Is there any reports provided for this service?
There’s no reports for this service, however if you want to track the indexed blogposts you can request for a unique identifier while ordering. We do not recommend this as it can be a potential footprint in your link building efforts.

With Order you must give us:

Keywords and urls and wanted dripfeed period (5-30 days). New sites should have longer dripfeed period.
You're welcome to give us an article, but it is not needed. We take from your homepage.

Please keep in mind:

Guaranteed delivered is when your order is in progres. Dripfeed will continue for up to 30 days.

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Ranking on Google depends on many factors like selection of keywords and other important on page optimization. Our refund policy is on the number of backlink that we promised. If we fail to provide the links that we promised then we will refund your money back. Please keep in mind: Guaranteed delivered is when your order is in progres. Dripfeed will continue for up to 30 days.

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