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This is for a guest blog post type of service: your articles will be published on websites being regularly promoted as actual money-sites!

The video uploaded here is a copy of what I send privately to prospects, dated May 2013, and is being proof of how clients trust me on their SEO.

Do you want amazing backlinks as votes for your websites? Then this is the service for you!

For the 5 USD Gig: You need to provide your article minimum 500 words with ONLY ONE BACKLINK. I will add other links for niche authority pages! Your article page will be posted on a new exclusive page GUARANTEED to get TF 10+ within 5 to 14 days!

Features of Websites for the 5 USD Service: (choose your preference)
Website A = TF 20+ Homepage; Majestic Topics are Business, Sports
Website B = TF 20+ Homepage; Majestic Topic is Recreation
Website C = TF 20+ Homepage; Majestic Topics are Computers, Business

Plus 20 USD: Order the 5 USD service and add this extra so your article will be posted on a new exclusive page which is GUARANTEED to get TF 30+ within 5 to 14 days! (This is Website D and Majestic Topic is Recreation)

Thank you for your trust! May you FIND that which you SEEK!

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8 months ago
Great service. Metrics as advertised
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8 months ago

The honor is mine!

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9 months ago
Solid TF/CF on page. Very fast and responsive. Will use again!
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almost 2 years ago
Great metrics on this domain! Very happy with the link - thank you - will order a couple of more...
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over 2 years ago
great service, as promised deliverd in 24 hours on a site with good metrics
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about 3 years ago
Delivered within hours of my order - very fast! Great metrics - thanks...
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over 3 years ago
great work! just as described
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