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This will be no doubt your wisest lifetime investment and we are more than proud to have you as our exclusive client.

We build supper Adsense friendly websites and push them to earn $100+ per month.

Price will increase to $497 after this promotional launch.
We do not feel comfortable guranteeing any sort of earning but we do guarntee our quality of work
Yes $497 is a lot but you are buying quality and NOT some cheap $47 service.Wehave always worked closely wwith our customers and made sure their investment was well worth it. It is our hope that you will all be satisfied. And if at any point you are not satisfied; We promise 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Quality Authority Sites with Earnings of $100 to $1000+/month income potential

  • 100% Genuine Methods. (Lots of Solid white hat, a small amount of grey hat, NO BLACK HAT)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lightening Fast Host (1st month is included in the price)
  • 90+ Google Page Speed Score
  • Min $100+ Earning Per Month

While we are new to Source Market we have been selling these exact same types of monetized blogs on another platform for $1497 with a 100% satisfaction rating.

What is the difference between the Micro Niche package for $397 and the Super Micro $997 package?
The $397 package will be for micro niches that will likely only average $100-$200 per month long-term.
The $997 package is for Super Micro Niches and have a $500-$600+ per month potential. Some earn $1500+

Important things to keep in mind:

While we know how to build out blogs that earn $1000-$2000+ per month quickly we choose not to for a very important reason. Anyone with the knowledge and the right tools can build those "turn and burn sites" that earn money for a couple of months then are de-indexed and the revenue stops cold.

Instead, we build them with a more long-term goal in mind:to earn steadily month in and month out for years to come.

Hi, my name is Scott Lamon and I'm a real person. I don't have more than 1 account on here like others do to give themselves ratings.

I simply stand on the results I produce and let them speak for themselves.

I am so confident in our services that I offer 100% Guarantee:

If the site does not earn $100+/month minimum in the 2nd month - We will replace the site or refund your money, Your choice.

Features Of Each Site

  • 1 Niche With 2000+ Monthly Searches .
  • 3-4 Sub niches.
  • Exact Match Domain ( .Com , .Net , .Org )
  • 5 Unique Articles.
  • Premium SEO Optimized Swift Theme.
  • Logo.
  • Privacy Policy, Disclaimer , Contact Us and About Us Page will be Provided.
  • Full SEO Optimization.
  • On Page SEO Will Be Provided.
  • Off Page SEO Will be Provided.
  • 1 Pinterest Board.
  • 1 Video.
  • Authorship.
  • Site Will be submitted to Google And All Major Search Engines.
  • Money Back Guarantee.
  • Minimum $100+ Revenue in Adsense per Month.


Do I need an Adsense Acount? Yes.

Why don't you just build them for yourselves?

Why don't you just build them for yourselves? We do and we make tons of money with it too.But ther is also money to be made in providing services to others.

Is Adsense the only revenue option? No, we start with Adsense but add other income streams like Amazon affiliate, CPA, etc. that fits that particular micro niche.

Do I need hosting? Yes. We can help you with that. Your new site will be hosted on our lightning fast WP Optimized VPS servers which we recommend you keep it on. But that is completely up to you. I charge my clients $7 / month to keep them hosted on my server but leave the final hosting decision to you. It is your site after all. But I will not be held responsible for any loss of personally monthly income on your site if you choose to move to another server.

Can I choose my own Niche? Yes. But it is usually best to use a profitable Micro Niche we've found already. If you insist on a niche after I've researched it and advised against i am telll you now and will remind you then ..That is the only condition in which I remove me 100% Guarantee. Frankly, you are paying me to do things that I KNOW work so let me do them for you ;)

What’s the upkeep on the sites? The upkeep is your typical site maintenance. Hosting and domain fees, etc...once we finish with the site and you start earning, we'll hand it over to you and it'll be yours to take care of from then on. There should be no need to spend anything on getting backlinks or anything like that.

Is the earnings consistent? Yes, this isn't a cheap $35 service. While earnings may fluctuate slightly you'll keep earning every month. 5%-10% growth every month is very common until it reaches it's peak. I honestly have no way of knowing what that peak may be.

When can I expect to earn? Users have experienced earnings of $100+ within the 1st month. If you're expecting something sooner, please look somewhere else. We build long term earning sites only.

Do I need an Adsense Account? Yes.

What if I'm impatient and want a site quicker? Don't order from us. We build quality and it takes time.=]

Can I see a demo site? Drop us a message. We have a strict policy of not sharing URLs of previous customers but would be happy to send you a link to one we are building currently.
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