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Hello, my name is Pangeran Wiguan and I've been in internet marketing field since 2007.
Now, I'm offering you services that I've been doing for the past of my internet marketing years and still working fine and strong.

Best High Quality PBN Setup using WordPress

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most powerful and SEO friendly platform.
Millions of blogs already running using WordPress platform from WordPress.org.
We're not talking about WordPress.com here. (^_-)

Over 500 PBN Sites Was Built by me and my team in the past!

I've been a humble WordPress developer in the past, we make free theme and plugins that you can find on WordPress repository under the name of Pangeran Wiguan.
Some of them still active, while some already not supported by us because we change our core business.
However, this shows that we understand what are we doing here and you can rest assured a high quality PBN WordPress setup for your own profit.

How if I say you actually get more than what you're paying for?

Because we not offering a low quality and crappy service.
Your satisfaction is what we have in mind because we want this to take care of this business sustainibility!
I hope my feel get into you over there. :)

Let me list out what are covered in this service:

  1. We install WordPress for you.
  2. We give you awesome beautiful looking free template and activate it for you.
  3. We create common page such as "About, TOS, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us" to let your website looks real and comply to any web service that you might want to implement in the future.
  4. We install and setup all the good plugins that can boost the SEO power of your PBN website.
  5. We will write and publish 1 unique article that is around 500+ words.
    This article is not a rewrite crap and will pass copyscape easily.
  6. I will help you to remove the footer so that all link juice are dense beside leaving a clean no footprint for your PBN patterns.
  7. The article will be a good quality content because we will include videos and image to come with it.
  8. To make it more alive, we will put relevant RSS feed on the sidebar.

Aside of all these awesome benefits that we offers to you when you order our service, please also check the extras for extra awesome benefits and save your time today.

Plugins that will be installed to your awesome PBN website:

  1. Wordfence Security
  2. Disable Comments
  3. Google XML Sitemap for Videos
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. Link Privacy
  6. WP Fastest Cache
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If we don't finish your service on time (which highly rare) we will refund you while still delivering the service for you, so you will still hold confidence on us. How about that? :)