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Amazon sites can make anywhere from $1,000-10,000 USD per month once they've been ranked. Does that sound appealing to you?

From the team who have been selling ready-made and custom niche sites for over two years, have been featured on,,,, and many more besides....

Done For You Amazon Sites

We're offering to not only research, validate, and select niches for you, but also produce the content, proofread that content, build the site, and insert affiliate links for you.

This is not a fly-by-night service, we've been building sites JUST LIKE THESE for over 2 years and are now offering them to source market members.

Here's an overview of what our sites come with (Ok, YOUR sites):

  • 8 x 1,000 word, unique, hand-written articles.
  • 8 x Premium images from Fotolia.
  • EasyAzon Pro (We have a developer license)
  • Thrive Leads (We have a developer license)
  • Thrive Content Builder (We have a developer license)
  • A Premium wordpress theme (We have MANY developer licenses)
  • All other essential plugins (SEO plugins, sitemap plugins etc).
  • Keyword pack of long-tail keywords

What Kind Of Niches?

Pretty much anything that is sold on Amazon and is not too low in the search volume or too high in the competition stats.

Here's a snippet of some of the previous niches we've worked in:

What Kinds Of Keywords Do You Target?

We mostly target keywords that follow the ideal niche site structure. These are keywords like "Best (product type)" or "(Product name) Review".

This type of keyword is easiest to rank an affiliate site for, and at the same they make you money.

Of course, we sometimes also include a few supplementary informational keywords to go with the other keywords and help with internal linking/long-tail traffic. This is niche dependent.

The cost of all of this if you bought it yourself and paid a developer to assemble it all would be around $900 USD. You get it (and time saved) for $399.

  • On top of that, site buyers are given access to our backend members area with training videos on how to rank the sites, how to grow them, and if necessary, how to flip them later.

  • We also have a private Facebook group with dozens of members.

Essentially, this is the best head start you could possibly have for an Amazon affiliate site.

Do You Have Example Sites?

Yes! Here are three sites that we use as examples. Even though we designed these a specific way, we are flexible if you would prefer a different structure/design.

What Kind Of Income Estimates Do You Have?

Every niche differs, but here's a look at some of the niches we've sold in the past few months, based on calculations from

Snowblowers niche:

Baby Monitors:


These are just a small portion of the niches we've researched, and can research for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to ask as many as you want, but this should cover most of them:

  • How long have you been around?

We first started back in 2013 selling sites on Flippa (where we have a 100% feedback record), and we have since grown our following to thousands of monthly visitors and notable marketers.

  • How long does it take to produce a site? 

As we'll be discussing niche ideas with you for a few days, it's likely to take up to 3-4 weeks to build a site. We guarantee that it will be done in 4. We're not a PLR or scraped content service, so these things do take time.

  • How do you select a niche?

Either you tell us your niche and your interests, or we throw a few suggestions your way. We don't build a site for you if we think the niche doesn't work, so there is some back and forth required. It's best if you give us 2-3 suggestions when buying.

  • What's needed to succeed with these sites?

Honestly, pretty much everything you need is here at source market. You need links, and you need social signals, and then later on you need more content to build out the site. We do give a framework and training videos as well.

  • Do you guarantee income?

No we don't, because we are selling quality sites and not dreams. You should know by now that there's no way to guarantee success. We have no way of knowing if you will take action or not. What we can say is that everyone who has taken (and maintained) action with our previous sites has made money.

  • Can you share examples?

Scroll up to see 3 examples.

  • How do you calculate income potential?

We use a calculator that measures keyword search volume, estimated click-through rates, estimated conversion rates, and puts it all together to show the potential income. If you get those rankings, you get that money.

  • What income potentials do you deal with?

This is really dependent on what niches we find and how competitive keywords are etc, but we typically reject any niche with lower than $1,500 monthly income potential. Our range is therefore $1,500 - 10,000+.

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