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The latest most effective way to achieve Google top 10 rankingc is by using quality High PR backlinks from a private blog network (PBN). You can't rank in competitive niches anymore without using this type of links.


  • 100% rapid indexing
  • Homepage OBL is max of 10-25 OBLs.
  • Do-follow permanent links
  • Mandated Drip feed (15-30 days)
  • Trust me : 197 A-class IPs, 249 B-Class IPs, 472 C-Class IPs
  • Different server and name server for each domain
  • Mix and Privatized owner details
  • No interlinking between sites
  • We check for problems such as sites de-indexing and PR drops weekly and will do links removal free of charge. This way you will never get penalized by using these links.
  • Distinctive CMS - Mostly Wordpress
It is your right to know what you have paid for, of course, so you can check the rank tracking link we offer (serpbook). However, please never expect report from us, only results!. Do not order if you looking for link report!.

F.A.Q :

How many URLs and keywords allowed?
1 url, 3 Keywords max.

How long will the post stay on the homepage?
Your post will remain on the site's homepage for about a week and then will roll off to inner page PERMANENTLY.

Do you provide reports?
NO, but we will provide rank tracking link via serpbook.

Are there any sites that you don't accept?
We don't accept gambling, pharmacy, warez & adult sites.

Do you accept foreign websites/keywords?
Yes, we do.

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Hi, I am Aleks. I love SEO and SEM. I have several high traffic web sites, which I promoted myself. What I offer here are the best practices that I been using for many years to archive super results in SEO on any niche and on any coopetition. Try it, you'll be amazed with the results!