10 Authority PBN Posts - Excellent Ranking Quality

25 days estimated (29 days guaranteed) >
There are a number of factors that go into ranking a site.
PBN Posts are important factor.
The posts are permanent and it will be done in about 25 days.
We Offer General blogs, not niche specific. Multiple URLs accepted (You can submit 10 completely different websites if you want)

10 Links(9 links for crossing other posts and one is for backlink) per one article.
You will get 10 articles which iinclude 100 links.

Why you need PBN Links and Why choose us ?

- In order to rank in the search engine, it needs to see contextual backlinks from authoritative sites pointing at your website.
- We have a powerful network of over 300+ websites with extremely strong DA and TF.
- It’s been proven time and time again that links equal rankings.

This Gig Features

- Hosted with premium hosts (Hostgator, Bluehost, Siteground etc.)

- Custom Images

- Aged Domains

- Random article structures to avoid patterns.

- Bots/Spyders/Crawlers Blocked

- All our Domains back link profiles are manually vetted against for SPAM

- Each blog has minimum 10 referring domains in majesticseo

- Unique A/B/C class ips from unique locations

- TF/CF 30+ and DA/PA 40+ Average

Following is SEO ranking graph:


Do you provide reports?

- Never. This is to ensure the safety of the network. You can however check webmaster tools for the links, as I don't block google.

Do you allow Pharma/Pills/Porn/Adult/Black Hat Stuff/Payday Loans?

- Nope.

How Long do they stay on the homepage?

- The posts are permanent.

If I buy more than 10 posts do they go on different blogs?

- Yes, they go on different blogs. Let me know if you have other opinion.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

- No. Anybody offering discounts on their posts should tell you something about their posts.

How many posts does it take to rank?

- I have no idea and neither does anyone else. Don't ask this question. I fucking hate it.

My site is brand new, should I buy posts?

- No.

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