Personal Coaching Session - 6 Figure SEO Coaching

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I've been online for over 4 years and focused a huge percentage of that time on SEO..

In those 4 years I've ranked for literally EVERYTHING under the sun including :

Product Launches - All you launch jackers out there...Listen up, because I've jacked my way to over 6 figures online and in this personal coaching session I'm going to pull back the curtain to my entire launch jacking system.

This has taken years to figure out and piece together and you get complete, unrestricted access to pick my brain and unlock all the secrets I've discovered in that time!

Affiliate Products - Let me teach you how to out rank your competition and pull in those automated affiliate commissions that are missing fro your Clickbank (and every other network) accounts!

Ranking on page 1 for popular affiliate products can be a long term method for pulling in commissions while you sleep, and I can show you EXACTLY what I do in this personal coaching session.

Local Marketing - Do you have clients that you need to get on the first page but you can't get them to that sacred #1 spot for some reason? I'll show you some completely safe and extremely effective ways to skyrocket your rankings to the top just like I did for this local client site :

I'll let you in on my entire call tracking and lead generation system that NOBODY is doing so that you can have clients calling YOU begging for your business.

Finally, I'll show you what it takes to sell your local lead gen site for thousands for thousands of dollars if that's what you're into!

Network Marketing - Want to rank for super high competition keywords that have 10s to 100s of thousands of affiliates going after them?

Keywords like "Empower Network review" and "iPas Review" can be extremely profitable for your network marketing business and I'll show you exactly what I did to rank for these extremely tough keywords.

What You Get In This Personal Coaching Package?

Coaching Session - Get a 1 hour coaching call with me to discover what it takes to turn your passion for SEO into a 6 figure empire. If you're ready to take your business to the next level and add new income streams to your business then this coaching is for you.

People keep asking "what are you going to teach?"

Whatever you need help with..

Trying to rank an affiliate site? Launch jacking? Local client SEO? I'm here to help you take YOUR business to the next level so we'll figure out your fastest way to increase your income with SEO and THAT'S what we'll work on..

If you're new to SEO then I can cover the basics of search engine marketing and show you EXACTLY what I would do to start building a simple income with SEO.

Direct Email Access - Have a question about your clients website? Curious why you're not ranking? Shoot me an email and I'll be there to help.

Get direct email access to me for 3 months and get your questions answered by a full time SEO any time you need support. Don't let anything stand in the way of you and your rankings. :)

Exclusive Bonuses - Over the last 4 years online I've crafted a few of my own "systems" and case studies for generating traffic, ranking videos, and other cool bonuses that I know you'll enjoy. You'll get access to these as a student.

After You Get Signed Up..

After you purchase we're going to be in touch within 24 hours so we can schedule your personal coaching session and get your bonuses over to you immediately.

You don't have to do anything except show up for the personal coaching session ready to learn some new methods for ranking and banking through the power of search engine optimization!


Can I do multiple coaching sessions?

YES.. See the gig extras to save some cash.

If I Order Multiple Sessions Can We Cover Multiple Topics?

Of Course, we can cover anything you want. Otherwise, I can show you what is working in my business.

If I Order Multiple Sessions How Will They Be Scheduled..

We do 1 session per week.

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