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Have you heard about what is happening with PBNs?

Well, it’s not all about your backlinks these days. PBNs without traffic, simply no longer get the results they used to.

The future of SEO, as confirmed by Rand Fishkin is that CTR and other search metrics now is a huge part of the Google ranking algorithm.

Do I have your attention yet?

CTR and dwell time are metrics measured by both Google and Bing, it is even reported on in Webmaster tools then this information should be considered critical to PBNs safety.

If the CTR and dwell time of your sites improve – then your PBNs start to actually look like real sites to Google.
If the trust of your PBNs improves, then they will not only stay safe – but actually still continue to be effective by providing powerful backlinks to your sites that actually boost rankings still.

At SERPmotion we employ a small empire of micro-task workers, based in the US, UK and Canada. This is a simple push button system, all you have to do is send over your PBN brand name, URL. Then our empire of micro-task workers search for your PBN brand in Google, click on your listing in the organic search results, and visit your site – they will stay there for a little bit of time (at least a few minutes) and jump around various pages of your website. This will improve your PBN site metrics (page views/CTR/bounce rate/time on site etc) making them look like a real website getting traffic.

Imagine if you had full access to our entire empire of with real people with their own tablets, computers and phones searching for your PBN in a completely natural process

Do you think your PBN would seem like a real site to Google now?

Don’t risk loosing your PBN investments…

Be part of the change in SEO and have a SERIOUS EDGE over your competitors! Use our simple push button system to keep your PBNs  SAFE and POWERFUL.

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