5 PBNs Start Your SEO Career without Breaking the Bank!

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Want to Start a Wildly Successful SEO Career but Do it on the Cheap?

The most important part of successful SEO whether it is client SEO or affiliate SEO are your backlinks. The best backlinks come from Private Blog Networks (PBNs). 

Why? Because you control them! They're yours! The links never remove unless you DECIDE to remove them.

Never experience the pain of losing a client and have to not only go through the process of getting another client.. but having to rebuild ALL those precious links again!

Build a solid PBN one time around, and you're good to go to get out of here and do some damage on the search engines.

Here's the Problem with PBNs...

PBNs are money makers!

But they're also money suckers!

Not only do you have to spend a bunch of time researching into how to find good domains for your PBN network, but you have to also have to become incredibly savvy at auction sites, bidding wars, and all the whole nine yards of buying PBNs.

I am Going to Make Your Life Easy & Simple

Instead of you having to go out there to spend $70-80 bucks on a PBN... why not spend $5? 

You could have an ENTIRE PBN network that could start giving you rankings for less than $100 in domain cost. And... you wouldn't have to do anything other than one simple thing.

Buy this gig.

Because here's the thing, you do not need ultra powerful PBNs to rank things. Just a handful of semi strong PBNs and you are GOLDEN.

(Seriously, I've ranked with as little as 2 PBN links both with not the world's greatest trust flow or citation flow).

Build a PBN Empire for Pennies

That is what you're going to get with this offer.

I'm not sure how long the prices will remain this low, but for now... get it while the getting is good!

These domains you'll receive are sourced from using tools like Register Compass, Source Revive, and Majestic to check out their validity BEFORE they're sent your way.

The best thing is?

You don't need to spend any money on costly memberships! Pass that burden onto me! 

Every PBN you'll get from me will have these metrics:

TF: 10+

DA: 10+

Each of these domains will be unregistered, all you have to do once you get your 5 domains is to go register them on your registrar and BAM there you have it... PBN city.

It is that simple.

But I am going throw something else into the pile here...

Order This Gig Now and Share It in Any SEO Related Group and I'll Add an EXTRA 5 Expired Domains to Your Next Order!

All you have to do is post in a facebook group, or share it with anyone that does SEO. Take a screenshot and send it in on your next order.

That's it.

Pretty cool right? 

Nothing like free, and those extra 5 PBNs could become SERIOUS money makers for you.

This is what I want you to do next. Choose one of the packages you want from below. If you're just starting out and you have zero PBNs, I will tell you that having 12-20 PBNs is a VERY good investment when you begin. It's just enough to do some real damage on the SERPs whether it is for affiliate sites or client websites.

Order now, and talk soon!


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If you are not happy with this service, you get a 100% no questions asked refund. I strive for high quality as much as possible. These domains are the cheapest ones around for you to really start building your SEO Career with, but I totally respect anyone who wishes to spend their money elsewhere if they are not happy with these expired domains. If for some reason a domain was registered before you could register it... no worries. I'll replace it for free on me!

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