Your Affiliate Offer Site in 30,000 U.S. Cities, Towns & Suburbs (120K pages)

SEO/Content Creation
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This is for a 120K+ Page Website for Your Affiliate Offer (4 KWs x 30K Cities in USA)

We will custom build a "blanketnet" website covering the entire USA in over 30K cities! We create keyword-centric pages for specific keywords for geo-targeting to secure top rankings for direct offer type sales pages like Clickbank offers and information/software product sales.

This is a very powerful system and must be used correctly*.

What I need...

  • 4 of your keywords (min 3 words per keyword phrase)
  • Your offer and unique content (500-700 words)
What you need...
  • Your main offer domain name (what people see in searches)
  • Hosting company that can host/handle 120K pages (up to 350K) INODES
  • Your underlay domain name. Can be a cheap .info or .us for example. Offer page is a single WP or HTML page. This can be on a different host. 

What you get:
  • 120,000+ page website in zip format to upload to host
  • 4 keywords on 4 optimized pages X 30,000 cities = 120,000 page "Funnel Network" Virtually every city from a population of 1200 to 12,000,000 will be targeted. (These are set and forget properties). 
  • Complete sitemap

What would you use this for?

1) Affiliate offers (eg: Clickbank, MarketHealth, CPA offers etc)
2) Lead Gen site with national tracking number or form fill

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