I will Create 2 Tier Using GSA SER Backlinks To Increase Your Rankings in SERP

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Discover How to Boost Your Website Authority Using Our Two Tier GSA SER Campaign

In need of highly diversified backlinks, and one that will improve your domain authority/page authority?  Well, you're on the right page. With this service, you can expect the following :

Two Tier GSA SER Campaign

  • Tier 1 - 1 000 contextual backlinks with your niche content related
  • Tier 2 - A huge 10 000 diverse gsa backlink blast

All this for $16 only..that's like 1.6 cents per tier 1 backlinks

With this campaign ....
  • You are allowed unlimited urls and keywords
  • An average of 80% will have do follow links in Tier 1
  • An average of 50% will do follow links in Tier 2
  • NO wikis will be used for tier 1 links
  • An average of 90% will be derived from unique domains
  • You are permitted to specify the percentage/ratio of generic and domain as anchor text
  • Our target list updated weekly
  • For indexing of the backlinks, we use linkprocessor which will dripfeed the backlinks slowly over 14 days. 
  • For all orders, it will be 14 days indexer dripfeed
  • Turnaround delivery time for this gig - 5 working days 
  • A full report will be provided in CSV format

With this super cheap and super effective gig

  1. Tier One links - 1 000 contextual backlinks to your website
  2. Tier One contextual backlinks will be from 400 to 600 word niche related spunned article, related to your keyword
  3. Tier Two links - 10 000 diverse backlinks from over 100 plus GSA SER platforms. Tier 2 links will be pointing to Tier 1 articles

All this for $16!

Some Common Questions About This Gig

Can I use this service for my website?

For sure, you can use it directly on your money site, tier 1 backlinks, web 2.0s, youtube videos, facebook page, and so on

Can I have more links for Tier 1 & Tier 2?

Yes ... just visit the extras

Is it Google Animal friendly?

Totally panda, penguin and whatever animal signs Google has come up with. This is still true even if the backlinks are created in 2-3 days as it will not be indexed that fast.
As part of this service, we will use Linkprocessor indexing service and the links will be slowly dripfed to the seearch engines over a 14 day span. In a sense, keeping it natural.

Am I allowed unlimited urls and keywords ?

Fore sure my friend. It is best to mix your urls with your keywords, and have a large proportion generic keywords (like brand name, click here, more info, etc). Please do not request for a split of 1 order to more orders.

Are You GSA list updated regularly?

Yes and on a weekly basis. We do not buy any link lists. Instead we scrape and update 24/7 using a second server.

Are adult, pharmacy, gun, hatred websites allowed?
Sorry, No!

Can we have more bigger link packages?
Yep, check the extras below.

Do you accept non-english websites and kw?
Hmmm, Yes. however, only english content will be used for Tier 1.

Turnaround time?
Although we will try to deliver within 3 working days, on average 5 working days.

Any refund policy?
If we make any mistake, we will give your money back.

So click the 'Order Now' button and increase your SERP by allowing our experienced team to manually to use the GSA SER to make a 2 Tier linking platform to your website for only $16 !!! 

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