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Boost Your Website SERP With a Powerful Web 2.0 Blog Network  And 150 Free Super Social Signals

I'm sure you are here because you are looking for a solid 25 Web 2.0 Blog Network to help improve the rankings of your website. People in the SEO world do use it, and it is effective. Taking this step is one of surest and vital link building strategy in your seo efforts.

Let's us take the grunt work away from you and allow us to build your own Web 2.0 blog network (WBN) in an efficient and timely manner for only $6. That is like 24 cents per Web 2.0 blog! As well, you will receive 150 social signals from PR9-PR10 super social sites FOR FREE.

As you can see, it is so bloody cheap and easy to build your own WBN today.

For sure, for only $6 investment, your own WBN is cheaper than a regular Private Blog Network (PBN). You will not be needing any monthly Hostings and many other important things for a PBN network.

So say "Bye, Bye" to Wasting Your Own Time (from other important matters to you) building your own Web 2.0 Blog Network, and take advantage of this limited time offer and build 25 High Quality Web 2.0 Blog network to Skyrocket Your Rankings With Google.

When you buy this gig you can expect the following -

  1. 25 Web 2.0 Permanent one way Backlink with Do-Follow Anchor
  2. We will compose unique 300 to 400 word niche related content
  3. There will be One (1) link on the web 2.0 article
  4. We accept up to 5 urls and 10 keywords for this service
  5. The Web2.0 blog network are manually made. There's no automation involved here
  6. Where it is possible will insert a Keyword-Optimized Image on the web 2.0 site
  7.  A full detailed report of the live links within the web 2.0 blog
  8. 100% Google panda, penguin and hummingbird Safe
  9. Turn Around Time - 4 working days - if they are any potential delays we will notify you.
  10. Money Bak Guarantee - if at any point you are not satisfied, please contant us and we will try our very best to rectify things. But if we cannot, we will return your money as we do not want any unhappy customers. We're here for a long term partnership.
  11. Bonus Offer (This is worth $88 )- Whether you like it or not, you can't ignore Social marketing. It plays an important role in SEO. Search engines like Google will take notice of the signals from the number of likes, shares, votes, tweets and any kind of signals of your brand or website on the social media stage. We will market your website by sharing it to real social accounts. As part of this service you will get 150 FREE Social Signals from

    ✔✔ 40 LINKEDIN SHARE (PR-9)

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If you want Google Maps and youtube in your WBN, we can embed them for a small tad over the cost of a cup of coffee. Please check out 'Extras' below for more info!

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Look, for a really small tiny investment of $6 ... or at 24 cents per Web 2.0 blog, you cannot go wrong with your own 25 Web 2.0 Blog Network. And throw in the power of 150 social signals you will expect big improvements. Plus throw in the money back guarantee you cannot go wrong with this easy to set up WBN.

So why not give it a shot as you cannot go wrong with a $6 investment, and it will save you time.

Some Important Things to Note ::
  • No Bulk Discount available as it is darn cheap.
  • With the report - we will provide account details and access to the blogs/website but we cannot provide the support and guarantee, as at time IP’s change block accounts access for users.
  • There are around 30 to 50 unique domains available
  • About drip feeding turnaround, 3 to 5 days
  • 80%-90% live rate count.
  • Articles written are unique and copy-scape pass

So order now, and let us create 25 Web 2.0 blog network for you manually for only $6 ... and as a free bonus your website will receive 150 free Social Signals from 4 top quality Social Sites.

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