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Ultimate Ranking Control

In the current Rank Economy, a PBN (Private Blog Network) is the most consistent and effective way to control your site's ability to rank in the SERPs. Set up and used correctly, they can give you control over what pages rank, and the keywords they rank for. Let us do the setup for you!


Your PBN site will be custom-built for YOU. We don't do copy & paste sitebuilding, because that is the formula for PBN failure. Custom site features include:
  • Minimum of 4 hand-written articles. No spun articles; we will make sure everything passes Copyscape.
  • Custom logo and/or header (we don't promise the Mona Lisa, but we do promise something unique!)
  • Standard pages - pages like About, Contact, and Privacy will be added, but we try to randomize to make sites unique.
  • Wordpress site with unique theme, plugin, and images set - again, we want to be unique and NOT look like a PBN.

High-Quality Domain

We will find a domain that has TF and CF of 15 or greater in or related to your requested niche. We strive to find high-quality domains where the TF is equal to or greater than the CF, as these provide the best ranking power and authority. We also review backlinks, anchor text, and archives on the Wayback Machine to be sure domains are free of spammy content, links, or junk anchor text. You will get the opportunity to approve the domain before we move forward, and get the choice to buy it yourself or we can register for you.

Detection Protection

You want your PBN sites to remain private. Discovery by Google can kill its effectiveness, so we strive to build without footprints. Based on the information you provide with your order, we will verify IP address and other factors are sufficiently unique. One way we do this is by using different hosting services for each site. We also have a unique "randomization" method in our setup process to make each site its own. We will implement "anti-spy" features during the setup to prevent detection by competitors.


We will provide hosting for 1 year as part of this package. We use a variety of hosts for our PBN services to help prevent detection. Once the year is up, you will be provided the option to continue with the current hosting package (price depends on hosting provider), or you can move the site to your own host.

Questions before ordering? Just send us a message!
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I am in love with this gig! Thank you!! Excellent communication!
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Amazing seller!great results so far
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Outstanding service. Thanks
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Good communication. I would recommend this gig!
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Great affordable service.
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I am making other another order right now! Excellent service!
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