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DONE FOR YOU - 300 Real Website Visits 

The Challenge:  

You spent money and time creating a beautiful Website--and want to get a constant flow of visitors to help it rank higher.


Let's explore the challenge a little more. 

What Google likes

Google likes

  • interesting original content,

  • signals from social media AND, most importantly,

  • a constant flow of visitors to your site who spend time reading your content and who return for more. 

  • The visitors should ideally be from different IPs, premium English speaking countries (if your site is in English) such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia etc.

But how on earth are you going to get these visitors? 

Once you have exhausted you supply of friends and family visitors you are stuck.  Your site sits idle and disappears in the vortex of the unseen.  You purchase ads, but Google does not count paid visitors as "traffic", the costs are very high and you end up losing money.  Facebook ads are helpful but they too cost a lot of money and unless you have an extraordinary product that no one else at an incredible price you will not recover your investment.

The answer is Organic traffic.   

The best kind of traffic to your site is organic traffic.   Not just because it is free, (which is nice)

but also because people trust organic listings more than paid advertisements.  So if your product or service appears as an  organic listing alongside a paid ad, you are more likely to get the click.  


we can help you get 300 real people to visit your site and give you the traffic you need to make the search engine take notice.  

We use a proprietary system which engages people who want to visit your site or sites like yours. 

  • These are motivated people who will return to your site

  • They come from different IPs and from countries such as the US, Canada, UK and Australia

  • Optional Extra:  Purchase the 30 Days Super Pack and your visitors will stop on your site for up to 7 minutes and read the content (this is where making good content and adding YouTube videos helps).  The Super Pack is the most powerful and reliable service I offer.


  • We throttle your promotion so that your visitors are spread over a 30 days period.  Google's machines are programmed to flag domains that suddenly receive huge numbers of visitors--especially if they are new or have been static for a while.  This is the  reason why uninformed webmasters who buy robot generated links are instantly dropped out of the search engine or "slapped".

  • We promote your site to real people, so the numbers of visitors will fluctuate.  What we do is make sure that we keep promoting until you get the 300 people we guarantee.  

  • When it comes to visitors quality is better than quantity.  300 visitors from the US, Canada, UK and Australia are far more powerful than 30000 visits from certain impoverished countries that are targeted by cyber-slave-traders who pay as little as 1 cent  per 1000 visits.   The Search Engines are very aware of this and will penalise your site if all your traffic comes from such places.

  • The very worst thing you can do for your site is purchase visitors that are robots.  All the Search Engines are now able to detect  this fraud and will wack your site out of cyberspace.  Google is very big on trust and if you use fraudulent black hat techniques they will slap your site.


Can I pick a country where the visitors come from?

Yes you can, the downside to doing that is that it will take a lot longer for you to get the 300 visitors I promise. 

As mentioned above, I only work with visitors from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New  Zealand.  So your visitors will come from these countries.  If you choose to have visitors only from Australia for example, it may take a lot longer to get your 300 visitors.

However, I am happy to work with my customers so if it is important to you that all the visitors come from the US, Canada, or the UK or Australia include that request in the order and what I will do is set the campaign to unlimited time and will run the campaign until you get the 300 visitors I promised.

Can I specify what visitors do when they come to my site?

Yes you can, that is what makes my service unique and so very different to others.  Purchase the optional Super Pack service offer and your visitors will ...

  • stop on your site for a lot longer

  • watch a video if you have one on the site (and all your pages and posts should each have a video on board)

  • visit several pages and posts in your site not just the url you submitted.  This kind of behaviour is priceless on your site because it is perfectly natural and also because it tells the search engines that your site is interesting and value packed.

  • If you are serious about getting trust from Search Engines and beat your competitors I STRONGLY URGE YOU to purchase the optional Super Pack extra.  This is by far the most powerful service we provide.

Can I get likes from my visitors?

Yes you can, select the optional extra package.  

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