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If you have a product or service and want a winning strategy then the answer is here: create a custom webinar for it.

During the webinar and the recommended length is 60 minutes you can educate your audience for 45 minutes and pitch the product or service at the end in 15 minutes and get sales. 

We can design everything for you so you just have to present it live in front of your audiences.

What is included in the package?

Overall webinar strategy including 1 hour skype strategy session at the beginning to understand your needs;

The Powerpoint slides for the webinar including product pitch (done for you);

Sales funnel: lead generation page, pre-webinar content, post-webinar content (done for you);

Strategy for closing more sales at the end of the webinar;

JV systems to transform your webinar into a webinar promoted through affiliates (done for you);

List building strategy from webinars; 

If you already have a webinar and want to improve it we can build something new on top of what you already have. 

The only thing you have to do is to show-up and deliver the content!

We have + 5 year experience in promoting and creating webinars and sold in excess of 8 figures in products and services until now. 

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5 months ago

Can you also record the webinar?

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Offline for about 3 hours



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