Turn Your Christmas into a Merrier One with Our Premium Amazon Niche Stores!

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Premier Amazon Affiliate Stores - Custom Designed for You by MarketScience

Christmas is just around the corner and this is the best time of the year where the most of the money is made. And Our custom built state of the art design premium class Amazon Niche stores are your ticket to do just that!

Upon frequent requests from our loyal customers, Team MarketScience isVhris delighted to announce the launch of our brand new service, the Premier Amazon Affiliate Stores. These stores will be custom built only for you by our team of expert web artists and coding geeks. So you won't need to know any mumbo jumbo of technology or content creation, unlike the other Amazon stores are being sold here. Our state of the art, premier Amazon Affiliate stores will do all the work for you on complete auto pilot to give you a true feel of complete hands free passive income stream. We've exclusively designed them to work on self automation.

Below is an example of our custom designed Amazon Affiliate Store in a very luxurious niche of Women Beauty Products

Given below is an example of our custom designed Amazon Affiliate Store in quite a profitable niche of HDTV's, A must have item bought and presented in Christmas in high volume.

Another example of our custom built Amazon Affiliate Store in Gaming niche. Can you imagine how much money is spent every year within this niche alone?

Our Amazon Stores Overview:

Automated store script helps you convert conventionally backbreaking manual labour into much smarter, sophisticated, plus highly lucrative business operation.

Powerful CMS: The website built on a very powerful php script which is easy to manage.

Shopping Cart Integrated: A Powerful shopping cart is integrated in the website for the users of your Amazon store to choose the multiple products.

Completely automated: No need to work on the website as it is fully automated and fetches content as products need

Premium Design : People are paying high prices to get such professional designs because the site's look & design play a big role in attracting more traffic and helps in building the trust value among the visitors.

Powerful Search Features:

Search all product categories in your store at once.

Search within specific product categories.

Search within results to narrow down items returned.

Keyword Filtering (Searches, Subcategories, Related Categories and other links).

Control whether user keywords trump your category-level keywords or vice versa.

Control how many times a recovery search attempt is made when no results are found.

Unavailable items (in most cases) are now filtered from your store.

Advanced search page: 

Keep shoppers on your site until checkout at Amazon

Add, Update, Delete Items

Email notifications of cart additions and checkouts

Checkout with all items at once on Amazon Customizable shopping cart instructions

Buy Buttons on Category/Subcategory pages as well as on Product pages

Suggestion selling options

(e.g. Similar Items, Similar Viewed Items, New Related Items, and Bestselling Related Items)

Real-time Products Information Plus Built-In Shopping Cart:

Our premier store will connect to Amazon for real-time product information, and the pricing will use 'your' domain name throughout the shopping experience of your customer. But the final checkout will take place at Amazon’s site so that they can fulfil the customer's order. 

For every single sale comes through your Amazon Affiliate Store to Amazon, the Amazon will pay you commission per every sale. 

Also can be added Google AdSense: It is the most famous and the common practice used by the webmasters for earning, everyone knows the AdSense is a Pay per Click Network to get paid on per click basis

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