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PNBs are great, but can expired Tumblr Blogs with high Trust Flow and Page authority be just as good, or even better?

So what is an Expired Tumblr Blog?

Basically it is a subdomain (similar to an expired domain) that already has link juice with trust flow and page authority, that at one point was used as a real blog by a real person. The main differences that set

So what do I do?

I find these expired tumblr subdomains, then filter them to make sure each one has at least trust flow of 10 and page authority of 27. Finally I make accounts using these sub-domains to create new tumblr blogs that already have high TF and PA.

Why Are These Great?

On top of the trustflow and page authority these are hosted on the tumblr domain domain that has DA of 99 and  Trust Flow of 92.  They are 10 times cheaper then regular PBNs because the hosting is free and you don't need to pay for the domain each year. Finally there are over 25 million tumblr blogs active so having 1 or 10 link to your site doesn't create a footprint.

Are there any downsides?

The only real downside of tumblr PBNs is that they are 3rd party and can be terminated/deleted if used incorrectly. However, the number 1 reason why your blog will be terminated is if you have too many account on one IP. That is why buying tens or hundreds of expired tumblr is not longer an option. Like with real PBN it is quality vs quantity!

So what do you get?

Basic gig get you a registered tumblr account with:
Page Authority of 27+
Trust Flow of 10+

Special: Buy more then 1 and you will get better trust flow and/or page authority

Need more, other stats, or niche related blogs? Message me for a custom gig.

Also if you don't like the blog (we're sure you will), just contact for a exchange or no questions asked refund.

Important: If you're going to use more then 4 account per IP please make sure to use proxies to keep these blogs safe. With that said I'll replace any terminated blogs up to two week from ordering.
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