Long Tail Keyword Research

SEO/Keyword Research
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2 days on average

Do you have a great niche idea and no time to investigate it?

See the keywords which will help you rank quickly and easily.


Do you need additional related keywords for your blog posts?

Pick the low hanging fruit and gain a huge advantage over your competitors.


Let me help you find the BEST keywords for your niche and provide you with incredibly helpful additional information to assist with your planning and implementation.

I am a native English speaker with decades of hands-on business experience, so I am able to quickly evaluate the results and ensure you are receiving the best information available.


You will receive a list of geographically targeted long tail keywords for your niche (estimate 50-100+ keywords) in PDF and XLS formats.

For each keyword result, you will receive:

  1. The average number of searches each keyword receives per month (Google, Bing & Yahoo combined)
  2. The estimated number of visits your site would receive if you ranked on the first page
  3. The number of competing websites ranked for the exact keyword in Google
  4. Visual keyword quality indication (traffic lights) to help you quickly assess the viability of the keyword
  5. An SEO 'score' (based on traffic and competition) to give you a 'quick glance' indication of how easy it will be to rank on Page 1 for the keyword


EXTRA GIG #1:    Save time looking for suitable domain names by choosing my extra gig.

I will provide additional information showing the availability of the best TLDs (.com  .net  .org  .co.uk  .com.au  etc.) for your keywords.


I aim to respond to all orders as quickly as possible and 24 hours will be the MAXIMUM time it will take for you to receive your order.

Thanks :)

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A refund will be given on an order which does not provide the requested information to you. Please message me with the details so I know where I can improve my service for future orders.