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What is ArchSEO Wikipedia Network? 

ArchSEO Wikipedia Network is created through extensive research and investment in course after course to fine-tune the perfect network. What is so special about ArchSEO Wikipedia Network is that, all the domains in this network have WIKIPEDIA.ORG linking to it, along with other High Authority Websites. This Network has been used for our own local client’s website and our money site. Once it's been tested to confirm increased ranking, we open the powerful ranking PBN to you guys.

ArchSEO Wikipedia Network Features

  • Reliable, High DA, PA, TF, CF and MozRank
  • No overflow of links, with always low OBL
  • Totally individualized sites, with Unique themes, IP addresses, Countries and Private Whois Information
  • Real Looking Sites with Logo, Favicon, About Us ,Customized Design / CSS, Fake Ads and Email Subscription Box
  • Our Site’s Authority is enhanced with fresh Web 2.0 and Social Signal 
  • Guaranteed juice with all Do-Follow permanent contextual links
  • Each piece of content is natural with an added image/video
  • Major Backlinks Crawlers Blocked(Ahrefs, Majestic, OSE)
  • Manually Hand Posted and Random Weekly Index Check 
  • Content are 500 – 1000 words long and entirely unique
  • Each and Every Single Site is used For Our Local Client SEO
  • Only .com/.net/.org/.info Domains are used
  • Random Posts without links and links to authority website
  • One Time Payment , No Subscription , No Hidden Cost

AVERAGE TF/CF 10-20+ || DA/PA 10-20+ 

(Do note, I do not guarantee any of the metrics as metrics nowadays are volatile, can high today and low tomorrow. However we register on the metrics we see on the day of registration. What we guarantee is the pbn still has links from Wikipedia and Metrics are secondary)

Our Niche:

Business / Finance
Computer / Technology
Education / School
Travel / Hospitality
Fashion / Retail
Health / Fitness
Home Improvement / Interior Design

ArchSEO Replacement/Removal Guarantee

We check our domains for deindexing frequently. If during 2 months the domains get deindexed, first we will remove all post and links, and you will automatically get a replacement on our new domains of similar metrics. Nothing is required on your side, since we have our team check them manually. We care about our PBN more than anyone. 

What type of content do you use?
We generate 500 - 1000 words of content to perfection, before topping it off with a nice related image.

What is the turnaround time?
Although we work relentlessly, everything is completed manually, by hand. In order to ensure high quality links, we take the time to submit everything, without the convenience of automated bots. Therefore, our turnaround time is generally between 3 - 7 Business days. (Weekends Excluded)

Any Limits on Keywords and URLs?
Although we do not limit URLs or keywords, it is important to remember each post can only include a singular link.

Are the links permanent?
Rest assured that we will not remove any post or content. All links and posts will become permanent fixtures. A Replacement/Removal Guarantee is provided for your assurance. Take in mind that we power our own niche and local client SEO websites through the ArchSEO Wikipedia Network.

What is the Refund Policy?
All in all, we wish to satisfy each of our customers. Once work has been commenced, we cannot offer a refund, but we will attempt to provide a refund, if work isn’t completed in the allotted time.

Do you provide a report?
As this is a trial order on Source Market, we provide full links disclosure. But in our  In order to ensure the secrecy and longevity of our network, we DO NOT provide live link reports. A screenshot report is available.

Are Adult/Poker/Pharmacy sites allowed?
In order to uphold virtues and keep our network safe, we unfortunately do not allow the above-mentioned sites.

Are foreign sites accepted?
Although we do accept foreign anchor text, remember that all provided content will be English.

Do you own the network entirely?
Yes, we own the entirety of the network and nobody else should be able to access it.

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All in all, we wish to satisfy each of our customers. Once work has been commenced, we cannot offer a refund, but we will attempt to provide a refund, if work isn’t completed in the allotted time.

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