I'll Find What Keywords Any Site or URL Ranks For

SEO/Keyword Research
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What Ranks Where - for the domain (only limited to 20th position or better), Delivered as a CSV file

Or simply call it: Keyword Reverse Engineering for any Site or Url

Description: I will reverse engineer what terms your competitors are ranking for. This is powerful researching for what keywords to target. It also allows you to check your own sites and find keywords that are within reach of the 1st page, so you can focus ranking those for an exponential traffic increase. This tool will return rankings that are the 20th position or better.

Instructions: Give me a site name and URL, select the max number of keywords (results) you want the tool to return (20 in the main gig. For more see extras), select a database (search engine), You choose if you want me to sort results by position or traffic, also decide if you want me to check for the whole site or exact URL only to see what keywords this site or exact URL ranks for within the top 20 positions in the chosen database.

You Will Get:

  • The main gig is for 20 terms ($5)
  • Extra 1, 50 terms ($10)
  • Extra 2, 75 terms ($15)
  • Extra 3, 100 terms ($20)
  • Extra 4, 150 terms ($25)
  • Extra 5, 200 terms ($30)
  • Extra 6, 500 terms ($47)

Thank you very much for your time.

Tony T

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I'll Find What Keywords Any Site or URL Ranks For

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