Intro Offer 1 x PR 4 SAPE link, TF 25+ PA/DA 25+ Lots of Available Packages

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All of our Sape links are Homepage backlinks with amazing metrics and power

You can view examples of the SAPE links we get by checking the pictures to your right.   

To get the most out of your Sape campaign always ask sellers what the page metrics for your placement will be. And also check they are home page links you are paying for. 

And that is where our power come in. These are our minimum requirements for the homepage links that we will be placing for you.  

  • Homepage sites 
  • Trustflow 25+
  • PA 25+
  • DA 25+
  • Referring domains at very minimum 20+

Pretty powerful stuff.....

We actually look at the domains backlinks to check the quality of the top backlinks. We don't just go by metrics as they can sometime be manipulated.

Where else can you get that much ranking power for so cheap. We'll work with you to give you an insane unfair advantage over your competitors in the search engine rankings. 


Please Read Before Ordering

This gig is for 1 x PR4 Sape (or whichever package you choose) which will remain live for 30 days. Option to continue link placement after 30 days is no problem.
Sape is powerful, especially ours. If you have questions about how to use, i'm happy to give you a hand.
We don't accept pharma, pills, porn or anything illegal.

 How Should SAPE be used?

For best results use in combination with PBNs and whitehat linking techniques.

Parasites Pages - Sites like weebly, youtube, facebook, tumblr, yelp, yellow pages etc. You can point SAPE direct at these web 2.0 type pages, the high domain authority of these sites can handle SAPE no problems. 

Money sites - It's really up to you. Personally i point high quality SAPE direct to my money sites, never had a problem. Others are more cautious and point SAPE links at web 2.0s that then link to their money sites, another option is to use a 301 redirect to your money site and point the links at the domain used for the 301. The link power still flows through these properties.

Client Sites - Most people use a 301, web 2.0 or other type of buffer when using SAPE on clients sites. 

SAPE is also great for powering up PBN sites and local business citations.


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We create and rank videos for local businesses. We also offer other services that go along with creating and ranking videos such as content creation, design, and all the other fun stuff you would expect from a Video Marketing/SEO Agency