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Competitive Intelligence - Keyword Research

My method for finding easy to rank SEO Keywords is not typical

If your expecting data from the Google Keyword Tool this is not your GIG

I do not determine anything from this tool especially search counts this means nothing for the information I provide

I use 3 things to find keywords you have a chance in ranking

I base this upon researching over 200 million keywords (actually much much more lost count) and the data is fairly consistent for picking keywords if you have a chance in ranking and have monetary intent

First - I use the Google Search Results and mine data for Competitive Intelligence

This is important because this is the smoking gun to how Google ranks websites nothing else matters

I look at every URL on page one of Google Search Results and determine who the competition is and make decisions from what I find

Second - Google Now Ranks Authority WEbsites, not pages anymore - The testing data proves this

I use Domain Authority provided by MOZ, it is the best available metric that makes an attempt in placing an authority value on any URL until something else replaces it

Third - I count the Ads in the Google Search Engine Results

This tells you if money is to be made for this particular keyword

I follow the money trail, paid advertising has tested the keywords and know if any particular keyword is profitable otherwise paid advertisers lose money

Very basic concept but it works like magic, this concept is a result of many years of testing and developing software to automate the task

I've used every tactic and strategy and nothing trumps this if you want to weed out keywords quickly and find out if you have no chance in ranking for a particular keyword or niche

  • Without a doubt you will KNOW how strong your competitors are - get this wrong and you have next to no chance of getting on page one

  • With this information you will Instantly KNOW if your niche is profitable before you lift a finger... or spend a dime

  • What do you get?

    2 CSV files

    First CSV file

    keyword list with

    ad count

    Domain Authority,

    Potential link count

    Second CSV file


    Every URL on page one of Google Search Results

    Ad count

    Domain Authority for that particular URL

    What position on page does the URL rank for

    A site type description if possible, which many times will tell you if particular URL is a potential Authority Link

    I will also arrange a skype if you want to discuss your results to help you better understand your results and help you make decisions

    If you want to see a sample before purchasing here is a link to download

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    72 hours to make a decision you either like this or you don't, no need to have a longer period if you have any problems please contact me I will work with you, I am reachable and down to earth in helping you

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