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Now You Can Rank and Bank by Setting up Powerful PBN sites

  • Without worrying about FOOTPRINTS.
  • Without wasting your precious TIME
  • Without learning HARDCORE SEO Lessons
We RankBrains Team Will Help You to Rank First Page.

Hope you know very well about google and other search engines like bing, yahoo etc changing there algorithms day by day, they were getting smarter and smarter. Now a days its really difficult to get ranked top of google and other search engines with old ways of approach, but not for us! ;) We have the Powerful PBN as for the solution.

Here is RankBrains role to play for you and get your website, youtuve video or any other property ranked top of SERP.  We will help you to rank and bank with Powerful Private Blog Networks (PPBN)

  • What is PPBN?
It's one kind of private blog network hosted on an authority domain which has good metrics like DA, PA, PR, CF, TF, RD (scroll down for meanings) etc. But the difference is we uses some hidden strategies to make each PBN more powerful. That's why we call it Powerful Private Blog Networks (PPBN).

  • Requirements Before You Make Purchase.
1) You must need to have a high authority domain
  Still don't have good metrics domain? then let me suggest to try source market best sellers.

http://market.source-wave.com/categories/buy-domains {Aff Link}

2) You must need to have a web hosting service provider who supports wordpress installation.
  Here is some of the $1 web hosting service providers list.


We will update more cheap web hosting service providers list here.

  • What You Will Get After Purchase.
1) We will connect your domain with webhosting provider.(If you have already done that, it would be great)

2) Set up wordpress cms blog on it with PPBN friendly theme..

3) Add human + seo friendly unique articles with mixture of images and embedded youtube videos (1 - 5 per site, articles count vary for each PBN)

4) Install all necessary plugins to make your PBN better in safety, security & with 0% footprint.

5) Some hidden procedures to make PBN more powerful (on page optimization, money site linking pattern,  social signals etc.)

Do you Know? if you do these tasks yourself will lose a lot of your precise time and money. That's why RankBrains team of experts trying to help you on this source Market.

  • Why RankBrains?
We are the highly qualified SEO professionals who is ready to help in your Rank & Bank journey. We are in this SEO filed since 2007, helped a lot of small businesses to grow online and ranked some of our own affiliate marketing money sites on #1 spot of google and other search engines. RankBrains team can help you in all the way of your search engine optimization procedures.

Feel free to contact us for advice's.


  • PPBN - Powerful Private Blog Network
  • DA - Domain Authority
  • PA - Page Authority
  • PR - Page Rank
  • CF - Citation Flow
  • TF - Trust Flow
  • RD - Referring Domain

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