100 High Quality (Do Follow) Backlinks Built on Private Social Media Networks

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Ladies and Gentlemen, 
For a limited time, I'm offering a service usually reserved for the bigger players (large companies).

Exclusive Access to a Network of Private Social Media Sites

I have access to a network of exclusive social media networks that no longer accept new registrations. I will build approx. 100 backlinks to a website or page of your choosing across these social media networks. All links can be indexed by Google (e.g., they're not behind a login screen). These social networks do not accept registrations from the public, so it is highly unlikely that you would be able to register these yourselves. In the rare occasion, registration is open, it is usually for a limited time or requires paid verification.

These are not measly Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn shares, these are backlinks from closed-registration social networks that are privately owned.

Tap into the Ranking Method Used by Fortune 100 Companies

I've personally used these backlinks to rank a new thin-content website to first place for a very relevant and competitive term. These PSN (private social network) backlinks are instrumental in some of my client's (Fortune 100 companies) campaigns.  Results will vary depending on your niche, competitiveness and content.

All backlinks will be drip fed - meaning they will be built on a slow interval to ensure the links appear natural and more organic. From my tests and experience, this process takes about 9 to 14 days.

Limited Time Offer  

For a very limited time, I'm offering 100 backlinks for $5 - get in before this increases!

Every order will include a list of the backlinks so that you can see the exact source and I will ping and attempt to index these backlinks to help you out. 

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