Black Friday DONE For You Graphics, Autoresponder, Tweets, FB Statuses

SEO/Content Creation
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You can offer these done-for-you images as a Fiverr Gig, use them on Pinterest and other social media, sell them youself and more!

So, what are you getting in this package?

  • 10 Black Friday PLR Images (High resolution, electrifed and not electrified, minus the sample words, of course)
  • Black Friday 7 Day eMail Sequence - just customize it with your money links and you are done.
  • 7 Black Friday Tweets
  • 7 Facebook Black Friday Statuses!

To see the images, watch the video above!

EXTRA Overview:

5 Black Friday Themed Periscope Cover Templates PLR

A total of 50 Customized Black Friday Images

A total of 21 Day Black Friday Autoresponder Sequence...

A total of 21 Days for Facebook and Twitter updates...

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