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Explainer Animation Video: Why It Is So Popular

  Explainer animation videos have rapidly increased in popularity over the past few years. 

Have you ever wondered why Whiteboard Animation Videos, are so popular? If so, you are not alone many wonder what created all the buzz.

 Explainer Animation Videos engage and fascinate viewers--even those viewers who may not be interested in the product being advertised.

Why is it so? Because everyone loves cartoons! We love them because they remind us of happy times of our childhood.

No matter how rotten the childhood experience, all children have enjoyed reading a comic book or watching a cartoon online.  Sadly for some these were the only joyful moments they can remember.

Perhaps, one of the greatest reasons why Whiteboard Animation Videos are so popular is because they are proven to sell products.

The fact that advertisers are using whiteboard animation videos increasingly must tell you something.

The fact that even television advertising companies are starting to use them must surely prove the point

Now you too can enjoy the benefits of using an a whiteboard animate video for your promotions!

All you do is 

  • purchase the service, 
  • send me your name, or business name, 
  • your website address 
  • and telephone number 

and BANG, in a few days you will receive a state of the art, high quality explainer animation video that would normally cost you hundreds of dollars to buy.

What you get with this offer

My explainer animation video offers these cool features:

  • High quality HD 1920 x 1080 explainer animation video customised with your name or business name, website address and telephone number.
  • Optional Extra:  Professionally recorded voiceover with a friendly, catching and informative advertising copy that is not pushy or irritating.  You can hear the quality of the voice by viewing my Niche Promotional Video.
  • Optional extra: a high quality royalty free background music or I add a music track which you own (please be careful about licensing)
  • Highly converting copy that engages your customers in an enjoyable and pleasing experience.

Enjoy the benefit of a professionally prepared explainer animation video and pay just a few dollars. Explaoiner animated videos can cost up to $1000 each to buy. With my service you pay a ridiculous low price.

How you can use the video

  • Use it for any (legal) purpose.  You don't have to give me credits, but if you do you will get good karma
  • Resell the video to your customers.  Contact local financial planners and show them the video.  You can also show them the showcase site http://www.budgetingworksheets.net and then take the order.  I suggest you charge under $100.  That will guarantee you a sale.
  • Promote the video using my affiliate link and get 50% commission.

Please do not

  • Disassemble the video or use parts of the video
  • Use the sound track of the video (if you do the owner of the sound track will sue you)
  • Claim copyrights or exclusive rights (for obvious reason)
  • Sell copyrights or exclusive rights (yep obvious again)


Thank you for checking out this explainer animation video offer


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