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We All Know content is the Flesh and Bones of any website?

But then you hit the publish button week after week and not getting any traffic or leads.

Its is probably because of your low domain authority

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Who Needs Domain Authority Stacking?
  1. If you have new website or just started the SEO for that website
  2. if you are doing SEO for competitive niche
  3. if your website ranking on first page of Google and want to cement your spot from competitor takedown.
  4. if your website struck on 2-3rd page and struggling to achieve the ranking.


DAS Or Domain Authority Stacking is a strategic method for increasing MozTrust. Why Increase MozTrust? This makes it easier to rank your website! DAS also increases the Trust Flow, Domain Authority of Your Site as well As the Inner Pages of Your Site that are being built with the DAS implementation.


Increase domain authority and page authority of your money site
Increase ranking on SERP
Increase MOZ trust

check out our Ranking Proof before Order your Service

#1   Health Niche - Used 7 PBNs + DAS 

#2 Cleaning Niche : 10 PBN links + DAS 

#3 Health niche 6 pbns+ DAS method 

What You Get From Smart-ways DAS Experts

  • we will be building out a network of 12 High DA/PA Web 2.0 Platforms. Some of these platforms include Tumblr, Blogger,Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,, Pinterest etc All these sites will be interlinked with each to build trust and brand authority. We will add logo, content, contact forms, authority links, Images/Video etc to increase its chances of sustainability in Serp's.  As a Smart-Ways customer you will receive a report of all web 2.0 accounts that we create for you for your own future use.

Step 2 : In this step we take every URL on those Authority Platforms and run them via twitter as tweets. After then we will send Re-tweet Army to them so boost the Twitter Tweet Authority. In this step, these tweets will act as a interlinking and the juice will pass on to the Tier 1 authority sites. At the same time we will also send social signals from facebook, twitter & pinterest to all your Tier 1 Platforms & Money Site as show below.

Once the Tier 1 platforms will be created, we will go and blast social signals to them which are considered as a big ranking factor in current Google Algorithm. Think of this way, does that makes sense for a website who is getting lots of backlinks from high Authority PBNs but doesn't have any social presence where 90% of the people interact. 

STEP 3: now here real magic is going to work. we will take all the URLs and run GSA on them with 8000 verified links which will boost the ranking on serp.

  • The peace of mind of knowing that you are working with Experts in the SEO world personally & professionally trained by the DAS creators themselves.
    • BTW, We highly recommend taking Jimmy Kelley’s DAS training either at Network Empire or Directors Cut if you have not yet done so.  It will really put into context how powerful this stuff is when done properly and expanded upon.


Tier 1 :

1000+ Contextual Backlinks in Tier 2 with (Articles, Wiki, Web 2.0's). This will be done by our Expert GSA team who has years of experience in running this software carefully and do provide services to worldwide SEO agencies. We will use a great secret sauce which has helped us in the past to dominate niches like Payday loans, Automotive and Weight loss.

Tier 2:
★ 6000+ Quality Mix Follow & Dofollow to Tier 2 Links To Index Them Fast.

Tier 3:
★ Submission of All Links to & (Paid Service) with 10 days Drip Depending upon Keyword Strength for Fast Indexing of Links to Search Engine.


Is there any chance to get penalized by Google :

If it is possible to penalize any website using DAS or GSA Campaign, then I would penalize my competitors websites first. So, there is no chance of getting penalized by google for using my Domain Authority Stacking or GSA Search Engine Ranker Campaign..

What type of Content you will Use?

We spin a  document of spun content related to your niche based on your keywords.

You have Extras as well for additional Profile so how should I know which one we order?

for low competition don't waste your dollars and our Standard 12 profiles are fine, for Medium Competition go with 20 profiles and for high Competition, please Use 30 Profiles gig.

 can I try DAS myself?

Yes you can  But let me tell you that there are so many little slots which you need to take care to perform a successful campaign. Again its upto you :

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