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I create original content, nothing is spun and everything is written and unique to go into your website. Everything is written like it was going on my personal website with creating original content for your topic and ready through SEO optimization on the article writing through using 3-5 keywords inside of the article with Bold, italic, underlines to tell Google what the article is about.

Sale for 500+ word article and you can add extras for more content through this gig!

·         I will research your topic through Keyword Planner on your topic.

·         Then, researching through ubergsuggest also!

·         I need to know your industry…

·         All content is unique and ready for panda update with Google!

·         Double, Triple check grammar for spelling errors and everything that goes into grammar.

Some of the extras include:

·         Article will Interlink within your website

·         750 word article

·         1000 word article

·         1500 word article

·         24 hour delivery for all the article above!

All 500 word articles are done within 24 hours upon your order!

If, you are not satisfied with the content you will get your money back guaranteed and no questions asked!

Just making everything clear only the 500 article is with the 24 hours of the gig and the rest you need to pay the extra for the 750, 1000, 1500 for the unique content.

What I need!

I will need to know your topic or certain keywords that you want inside of your article. If, you want the inter linking within the article, you will need to provide all the links to the blog posts or website pages for I can do the proper inter linking!

A little extra items we'll need:

Local Area

Company name

Guarantees if you provide any

keyword you'll focus on

Thank you,


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If, you are not satisfied with the content you will get your money buck and need to give us a valid reason for getting your money back. We will fix anything that needs to fixed for the content writing portion of your content!