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Opt-in email leads put the majority of your  

business on auto pilot.  

My lists are your unfair advantage over your competition. Your goal is to out market, out sell, and out motivate your down line. Opt-in e-mail lists increase your numbers of serious inquiries that have opted-in, given their e-mail, numbers, name, and other essential information.

You are looking for a down line made up of meek war horses, the kind that inherits the earth. Like the legend of ‘the Lord’ you can step over the unmotivated or adversely motivated ones and find the war horses you can lead to water, who will reach in with their hands to drink, and not lap up the water face-first. (which was the biblical example of an less than savvy soldier.)

Mixing up metaphors of biblical proportion: My opt-in e-mail leads will make you’re campaign successful at fishing for women and men interested in rendering a reasonable profit to you, and rendering a reasonable profit to themselves.

When it comes to being fishers’ of “men” four things are important:

  1. They have to opt-in (this has always been true)

The next three things are:

The listThe listAnd The list

After that.. don’t talk about it. Act. Put the automation into action while you work on other irons in the fire.


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