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Small seopic01
Small 140localkeywordvariations

Give me up to ten (10) keywords in a local niche you are interested in and a city and state, and I will provide you the following keyword combinations for each of your chosen keywords:

[keyword] [city]
[keyword] in [city]
[keyword] [city] [state abbreviation]
[keyword] in [city] [state abbreviation]
[city] [keyword]
[city] [state abbreviation] [keyword]
[keyword] [city] [state]
[keyword] in [city] [state]
[city] [state] [keyword]
[state] [keyword]
[keyword] [state abbreviation]
[keyword] [state]
[keyword] in [state abbreviation]
[keyword] in [state]

This will provide 14 variations for each keyword, for a total of up to 140 keywords. I will provide this list in a notepad file. These keywords are great for optimizing local videos on YouTube, as well as for local SEO silo sites, which can then be ranked and rented, 

If you are using these keywords for anchor text to use in a GSA gig (available from other fine providers here at Market Source), I recommend my extra where I provide capitalization variations, such as ALL CAPS and Every Word Capitalized and also my extra where I provide keyword variations with typos. These will give you a great variety of anchor text so you can kick major butt with your backlinks!

Also, if your backlink provider requires your keywords to by separated by commas,  just see my extra for that, as well!

Happy Source Marketing!

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Money back guarantee within seven (7) days of order delivery. Also willing to provide you one revision with new keywords and city within the first seven (7) days after order is delivered.

Hi all, I'm Anna welcome to my gigs. I've been in SEO for the over8 years and will help you out with whatever you need. Please check out the rest of my gigs or send me a message with any questions or concern you have.