Get Citations to register OR Find out what Citations your competitors have

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Get a list of citation sources your business or clients needs to join for G Love.  Or why not just find out where your competitors have their citations

It's just a known fact: People tend to include cities/states/regions when searching for businesses on the web. as well as that consumers of today are starting to trust smaller, local businesses over larger, well-known brands.

This Gig will give you following:

I will do a Full Citation Scan of existing Directories and you will get a report (spread sheet in a pdf file and a .csv file) with a list of all the citation opportunities you can think of for yourself, your clients or your prospects. 

What can you do with it?

  1. You can create new listings for yourself (or hire someone to do it).
  2. You can create new listings for your clients  (or hire someone to do it)
Your business have to look hard for a better opportunity to Rank locally. You will be more exposed for potential prospects and therefore, more business. 

The Scan Options:

Business Search: This will Scan for yourself, Your clients Business or potential prospects etc.

Amount Of Database's being Scanned

Global (All Countries): 159 +

USA:342, UK:194, CA:62, AU:50, DE:15, FR:15, ES:46, NO:20, ZA:86, IE:15, BR:15, NL:15, SE:12 IN:15

My source of tools used in this gig is within omg command tool powered by My amount of credits is limited that means that on occasions this service might be offline by the end of the month... If that happens I will buy more credits within my service to be able to serve you asap.

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Refund Rate

No refund will be provided if I deliver a list of Citation places for you to register on within the estimated time. You need to have your data in order and submit them to me as soon as possible. Full refund however if I for whatever reason can't deliver you a Citation Report within the agreed time limit. Regards Tony T