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  • Plugins and post-dates are varied

  • Sites are hosted on different IP classes each time, with a unique IP address for each site with our proprietary hosting solution. We do not use SEO hosting or 1 dollar hosting.

All my PBN Sites have:

TF 15+

CF 15+

DA 10+

PA 15+

Guaranteed to pass on trust, authority and juice to your money site!

Important: The safety of our network is of utmost priority and I will not risk the network for any one client.

Therefore: I do not accept Adult/Gambling/Payday/Pharma/Illegal/Music Sites.

Here are stats of one of my site:

Summary of the deal:

1. Powerful PERMANENT contextual backlink within a 400 word article handwritten to a topic of your choice

2. You decide the anchor

3. BONUS:We will bookmark the PBN post to top 5 social bookmarking sites

4 . BONUS: We will add 20 REAL facebook likes/Retweets/Repins to turbo-charge that PBN post.

5. You will receive a report

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Great Job!!
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previously ranked my uncompetitive keyword to the first page with one link, I recommend
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excellent work. reccomended
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