Get Your Own WordPress Blog on a DA91 US .EDU Domain with Full Control

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This is Your Opportunity to Get a Fresh New Wordpress  Blog Installed on a US .EDU Domain! Start Your New wordpress Blog on .EDU Instead of Registering a .COM!

Create, Customize, Brand and Control a Wordpress Blog on US .EDU (DA91, PR8) an Extremely High Authority Domain and Start Your New Blog Right Away 

This is your chance to get the rarest of any type of link out there. We all know that back in 2009 or so these were exploited – to great success of many a marketer and SEO provider – to the point where these were all patched up and the few universities who offered self-hosted – right on their .EDU domain – Wordpress blogs restricted them to current students and faculty.

 Well, this one is no different; the only difference is I have discovered a quick, easy and proper method to get an account for non-students at this university and then use it to login and create your very own Wordpress blog as well!

You will get your very own clean/fresh install of Wordpress on a US .EDU domain with unmoderated, unlimited posting and full control. 

This means you can customize your Wordpress blog from title and URL (choose your own subdomain for an onpage SEO boost) and changing your theme to tweaking and formatting as many blog posts as you want on whatever topic you want and publishing them to go live and publically viewable instantly. 

Furthermore this is your blog so nobody but you can post to it or make changes to it and it starts as a freshly installed/clean basic Wordpress blog that you can turn into anything you desire!

We all know the benefits of getting to write full blog posts with anchor text backlinks and publish them to a blog you control on a US .EDU domain so let us move past that for a second and focus on what having your very own freshly created Wordpress blog a US .EDU domain offers in addition or above and beyond any other platform of .EDU blog I have ever found or provided:

- SEO Friendliness – You can choose the title, tagline, URL structure, etc. 

- Customization and Brandability – Unlike other .EDU blogs, such as this one, a blog powered by Wordpress will allow you a ton of customization from the meta to minute such as a custom theme all the way down to adding images and other formatting of individual blogs posts with Wordpress famous and often imitated but never replicated easy to use WYSIWYG blog posting tool/editor Something which is unavailable in current .edu sites

- The ability to niche/topify your blog to a much higher level – Unlike this blog on a Wordpress blog your blog posts and internal pages are all automatically and properly linked together for not only maximum onpage SEO benefits but also ease of navigation and this allows you to create blogs around a specific topic which provides a great boost to rankings by becoming an authority site.

If you’re looking for an authority tier 1 property then you can’t do any better than this. No PBN or guest post is going to come close and no new fresh authority blog has all of the edges provided by having your own WordPress site on a DA91 US .EDU domain. Just a few of the many beneficial SEO factors that having your blog posts published on this high authority US .EDU domain include:

 - High Authority and Trusted Domain – 

- Perceived Trust – 

- Resale – 

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