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With Facebook Adverts, you can create targeted adverts to reach different audiences and meet your business goals.

You are one step away from getting the exacte course that can cost you $39, so take action now.

All the right people 

More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, and more than 900 million visit every day. 1 When you run a Facebook Advert, you choose the audiences that see it by location, age, interests and more.

With Facebook Adverts, you choose the type of people you want to reach and you deliver your adverts to them. This makes your adverts more relevant for the people who see them, and brings you real results.

Where they're active and engaged

Mobile devices are now part of our lives – people use phones and tablets to discover, communicate and shop more than ever.

More than 700 million people visit Facebook every day on their phones and tablets – and when they do, they see Facebook Adverts along with stories from family and friends.2 Because Facebook Adverts are placed in the stream of information people view on Facebook, they're more likely to see your adverts and take action.

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