I will create an SEO/user balanced content plan for your website.

SEO/Content Creation
7 days estimated (12 days guaranteed) >

Silos Boggle Your Mind?

Not Sure You Understand Your Niche?

Don't Have Time for Research?


This will show you what you SHOULD be doing with your website

The basis of this service is manual keyword & niche research.

It is also 100% White Hat.

We aren't talking long tail pro or semrush reports.  We're talking about a creative analysis of your website, its industry, and the competition.

From there, I will devise a unique content plan based on your needs.

It doesn't matter whether your site is new, just needs content expanded or needs things completely revamped.  Or if you're unsure and need a professional opinion, I can provide that too.

The content plans I create marry SEO and UX.

So, you can trust that your content has the best chance to: 

  1. rank for your keywords
  2. establish your brand as a topical authority
  3. convert your visitors

What the basic service ($60) gets you:

  • my keyword research
  • a Trello board outlining content
  • wireframe diagrams of silo structure(s)
  • up to 30 minutes of custom video explanation
The purpose is to deliver to you an actionable plan that you can then take action on, however you choose.  Through this process, you'll gain insights into how Google views your industry and a strategy on how to attack it in such a way that helps you fulfill your goals.

This is what "White Hat SEO" is all about.

More than just finding and targeting keywords with pages, I'll show you how to usher visitors from their entry point to your offer and then get them to convert... the ultimate purpose of any online marketing.


Engagement Article Sets  -  Find engagement, branding, and SEO driving post titles for your website's blogging campaign.  A key ranking factor is fresh content.  Often, these posts are suitable for average writers but can really help to create authority in Google's eyes.  Wherever possible, they will be integrated into existing silos as support posts linking to the pages you're trying to rank.

Per Page/Post Outlines - To further expedite the content creation (and ranking) process, I will create per post outlines within Google Docs.  These outlines are based on post-specific keyword research and include targeting instructions, word count estimations, and other notes. I will also create a site outline post within Google Docs and link them all to it for ease and organization.  Each Doc will also be linked to from their respective Trello cards.  This lets you hire cheaper writers to complete the articles.
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