Manual Technical Onsite SEO Audit for Local and Small Websites

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You are getting a manually performed technical onsite SEO audit. This is not some junk that some stupid SEO audit tool spits out. This is an audit performed by an SEO expert who knows what he's doing and where to look for problems that most SEOs wouldn't even suspect.

IMPORTANT: This offer is available for your typical local SEO client website mainly. Small affiliate websites are accepted. But please contact me for bigger websites before ordering.

NOTE: This introductory price if only available for the first 5 orders. Price will go up to $69 thereafter.

Why is the price so low?

Because I want some feedback and this might be a first step towards a longer profitable business relationship. I can indeed help outsource all your SEO agency SEO activities and focus only on getting clients. I have a lot of proof.

The service

I already offer this service to 3 agencies and the feedback has been outstanding.

More importantly, I had the time to hone my skills and bring this down to a science. I have a lot of experience with the most popular CMSs and website platforms and I know right away where to look for the loopholes you will most likely not discover that easily (or don't have the time to look for).

I have performed many penalty audits and recovered websites hit by Panda and Penguin in the past. I am active in some of the toughest niches out there and get hit by all sorts of negative SEO. The last attack I recovered from was a Panda Hijack (if you know what that is).

I am not even mentioning partial penalties and filters I helped clients recover from.

Check some of the images to see what can happen when you apply my recommendations:

What's included

  • I go over the most important technical SEO aspects of your website
  • I determine the issues
  • I add recommendations on how to fix the issues in an easy-to-understand way
  • You get a Microsoft Word document so you can edit it, add your branding and send to clients.

In my audits, I go over the most important technical onsite ranking factors and write clear recommendations to fix issues or improve your onsite.


1. Semantic SEO audit - Consists of looking at the content optimization and correct targeting of keywords using meta data and other factors. You will get actual suggestions for titles tags and other important meta data.

2. Offsite backlinks profile audit - I will audit your backlinks profile quickly for any signs of penalty causes or red flags to consider in your future link building. In-depth audits are available upon request if you're looking to clean up a profile and recover from Penguin for example.

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over 2 years ago
This was a human audit, good work!
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